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Asking my best friend’s sister to play my wife was a strategic business move. But the sparks that ignite between us are anything but fake. As a single dad and CEO, I’m solely focused on my daughter and work. To seal a business deal, I propose a marriage of convenience to my nanny. Claire reluctantly agrees to keep up the charade. To my surprise, she plays the part a little too well. Her sassy charm peels away at my tough exterior. Our pretend relationship opens my eyes to what I’ve been missing. Just as the façade feels real, a call threatens to unravel everything. Now I must confront my true feelings and find the courage to love again before I lose her forever.

One job, two opponents, and one hell of an attraction between them… Why’d he have to be so manly, rugged, and sexy? Why’d there have to be that stupid no dating rule within the staff at WOLF? And why couldn’t I turn my hormones off and be the professional I needed to be? I knew the answer to the last question. How could anyone turn off something so hot? When he touched me, it left my flesh sizzling. When our lips met for the first time,
I knew I was done for. He had me right from the start. Took me higher than I knew was possible. My body was his, at his mercy, and he gave none. But our jobs might cost us the passion we’d found. Would we really let that happen?

Alex is my brother’s arrogant best friend, an enemy with a perfect face. His presence triggers emotions that I struggle to suppress. Dealing with job search challenges and disappointment, I prefer not to be around Alex. Eventually, Alex offers me a nanny job, and accepting it initiates a complex relationship. Tensions rise, and in the heat of the moment, the line between hatred and desire blurs. I know I shouldn’t be attracted to my boss, but his good looks, hot body, and strong muscles make it hard to resist. Once again, I’ve agreed to play the role of his fake fiancee, solely to help him secure his inheritance. This act led to me getting pregnant. Perhaps, this mistake could turn out to be my favorite mistake after all.

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