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Gorgeous. Sexy. Driven. Actually, much too driven. I finally meet the girl of my dreams, but she doesn’t have time to date. Grace is so busy juggling three jobs that she’s afraid to make the slightest change for fear her house of cards will topple over. I’ll find a way to make her trust me, and let me into her world. The need to care for my overscheduled precious girl is an instant obsession. I need every sweet, sensual inch of her. My desire is all-consuming – I’ll do whatever it takes to make her see how much she means to me. Money, time, love – I’m ready to give her everything. Even when my meddling steps over the line. We belong together, and I’m not letting my seductive little angel go.

I once walked away from the line I swore not to cross. Now I’m back to claim my best friend’s enticing sister. Ten years ago, I left Baydale and the girl who captivated my heart. Now, as a self-made billionaire, I’ve returned with a mission. But seeing Miranda again wasn’t part of the plan. She is my best friend’s irresistibly tempting little sister. She’s addictive. Electrifying. Consuming. I remember the day I lost control over myself to this gorgeous beauty. I’ve never wanted anyone more. Our connection is undeniable, passionate and fiery. She thinks I’ve changed, that the man she once loved is gone. But I’m here to prove her wrong. After all, some fires never die…they just need a little reigniting.

Megan Riley has a secret yearning – a desire to live the simple life of a country girl, tending to her own garden and cuddling adorable goats. But there’s a catch: she’s an event planner in bustling Los Angeles, with a busy life and a handsome boyfriend, Brian Shepard. When Brian announces a golden opportunity to work from anywhere, Megan sees her chance to make her dreams come true. All they need to do is find the perfect country spot and convince Brian to leave city life behind. Piece of cake, right? Well, Brian has his own plans – plans that involve marriage and starting a family. And while Megan adores him, commitment and settling down are just not her thing. She wants to be a strong, independent woman, just like her fearless grandmother. But can she navigate the muddy waters of love and independence without compromising? Hilarity ensues as Megan and Brian embark on their adventure, navigating their differing desires and the charming chaos of a new life in the countryside. Will Megan sacrifice her dream of freedom for a future with Brian? Or will she find a way to have it all?

When I confronted my father’s nemesis, I never expected to fall for him… Finding out the cause of my father’s death is the only thing that keeps me going! I believe Vincent Shane, a ruthless real estate tycoon, is related to my father’s demise. But I don’t know why or how. I confront him to get the answers. The six-foot man with piercing green eyes looks nothing like the 45-year-old I came to see. He’s strikingly gorgeous and irresistibly charming. When I am caught in heavy snowfall, he saves me from the snow, and we end up in his bed. I love the way his hands felt on my body, whispering he would always be there to save the day and take care of me. He proposes a fake marriage to improve his public image and promises to return my father’s company to me. I’m falling for it, as I see him as nothing but a kind and caring man. But I wonder if this is truly who he is or if he is acting a nicely scripted play to divert from my goals…

If only I weren’t her boss and trusted friend… War taught me there are things worth fighting for, and Natalie is one of them. I was drawn to her the day I hired her, and keeping my distance has been difficult. We’re total opposites, but after spending days working on this conservation project together, I can’t get enough of her. She’s a free-spirited nomad who fears being tied down, even by love. I’m damaged in so many ways. If she finds out my secrets, I will lose her forever. What I should do is walk away before her life is ruined. I can see my happily ever after in her eyes. But, do I deserve it?

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