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NHL player Maverick Blades could fall in love with anyone… But he had to fall for a woman who falls under the Bro Code as untouchable—his best friend’s beautiful ex, Daisy-Mae Ray. Anyway, he’s pretty sure she’d steer clear of a guy like him since the papers have made a mess of his reputation. Good guy, wrong place, wrong time… Daisy-Mae knows Maverick isn’t the man everyone believes he is. But how can she, a small town nobody, fix his image and help his team? She can’t. Except she just told off his team’s publicists, demanding they fix Maverick’s image. And now she’s been hired to deal with him. No problem. Other than the fact that she’s got a giant crush on him and kind of just set things up so he’s to date her as a publicity stunt. Yeah, no problem for someone who wants something real.

One night. No promises. No last names. Just raw passion. The twist? He’s my ex’s brother. I slipped away at dawn… never knowing who he was. Miles was my escape, a way to reclaim my fire and direction. Our affair became a pivot point that altered my life’s course forever. Years later, I am the proud co-owner of a successful Sonoma winery… And Miles is standing before me as a guest at the grand opening of my new resort—sexier than ever and still HOT for me. His kiss still sears and I want to give in, but I will not be distracted. Everything I’ve worked for hangs in the balance. When the rest of his family arrives, the puzzle pieces come together, and I question everything—including his love for me. Can I forgive his omission, or will our past extinguish the hope of a second chance?

He shattered my leg, and now he wants to ruin the rest of me. Greyson Devereux is a menace–but only to me. To everyone else, he’s charismatic. He’s the son of a senator and the star of the university’s hockey team. When all I want is to be invisible, he drags me into the spotlight. He wants my blood, my fear, my attention. Resisting him only worsens his obsession. Fighting solidifies it. He’s brutal, and he draws out a sick darkness in me that enjoys it. But I’ll be damned if I let him become my downfall.

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