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Love is always a risk, especially when the man you’re falling for is your secret enemy. I’m Rebecca Lawson, a CEO driven by ambition. While divorcing my abusive husband, my daughter’s safety is my top priority. I hire Jordan to be her bodyguard and protector. His presence is an annoyance to my daily life, we don’t quite see eye to eye. But he’s amazing with my daughter and that’s all that matters. There’s something magnetic about him. He has a confidence that doesn’t seem typical of someone of his status. Wavy dark hair, piercing eyes, and a body that exudes power. Jordan is the ultimate temptation, blurring the boundaries of our professional arrangement. This romance is off limits, but I can’t seem to resist him. Fate has its twists and it seems Jordan is hiding a dark secret for vengeance.

Includes four standalone books that follow a group of friends who are intertwined in each other’s stories. While you could read them in any order, the author suggests reading them in chronological order:

#1 Second Chance Weekend (Rylee + Aiden) Stuck in a snowstorm with my secret crush from college. His charm has me questioning everything. Aiden unexpectedly reenters my life. I haven’t seen him since he went into the military. I’m faced with a decision – to leave the life I’ve built and take a chance with Aiden or stay on this career path and become a cat lady with my best friends.

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The Knight family go above and beyond the family creed. They’ll do anything to protect their country, each other…and the women they love.

Dive into the complete series and binge these steamy action and adventure military heroes and the strong heroines they choose as their own! 

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