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Love is always a risk, especially when the man you’re falling for is your secret enemy. I’m Rebecca Lawson, a CEO driven by ambition. While divorcing my abusive husband, my daughter’s safety is my top priority. I hire Jordan to be her bodyguard and protector. His presence is an annoyance to my daily life, we don’t quite see eye to eye. But he’s amazing with my daughter and that’s all that matters. There’s something magnetic about him. He has a confidence that doesn’t seem typical of someone of his status. Wavy dark hair, piercing eyes, and a body that exudes power. Jordan is the ultimate temptation, blurring the boundaries of our professional arrangement. This romance is off limits, but I can’t seem to resist him. Fate has its twists and it seems Jordan is hiding a dark secret for vengeance.

Aunt Agatha’s contest for the perfect duchess will surely help her find a bride for her nephew…if only the duke will let her! Alistair Brookings, Duke of Clarence, would never have agreed to his meddling Aunt Agatha’s duchess contest…which is why she didn’t give him the chance to say no. The invitations to three eligible young beauties and their families are already in the post, so Alistair has no choice but to play host to this absurd competition. When her younger sister receives an invitation, Elinor Hughes finds the very idea of a duchess contest ridiculous and insulting. Still, it’s her best chance for escaping the odious marriage their father is determined to force on her. She’ll accompany her sister to the duke’s manor, spend her last days as a lady of leisure before finding a post as a governess or lady’s companion, and never see her home again. There’s just one problem: Elinor isn’t even a competitor for the duke’s hand in marriage, but she can’t seem to stop winning the challenges! 

Fall through an ancient Fae portal to a time when Orcs ruled the Irish countryside. Stumble into an arranged marriage with an Orc who wants you less than you want him. And when it’s all said and done? Frantically search for a way to travel through time back to his side. In the shadows of a dense forest in Ireland, near the Cliffs of Moher, a lone figure with dark green-gray skin, more muscles than seem possible, and multiple tusks protruding from his mouth, kneels before an ancient gateway — a portal — once used by the Fae to move between worlds, times, and realms. With a few splashes of blood and an obscure chant passed down through generations of his family, Ozaq, blacksmith to the Orcs of his clan, sends up a request for his anam cara, his soul mate, to be sent to live and love beside him. It’s been a very long time, centuries even, since the portal was active. And with no answer, comes the resignation that it’s too late to ask his ancestors to intervene. He’s waited too long. Dejected and leaving his dreams to die beside the now useless portal, he doesn’t think to close it as he stumbles back to his solitary existence. He’s not even aware (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

This offensive coordinator isn’t messing around when he falls hard and fast for a woman in a nightclub… even though it means warning off one of his players.

This will be one boy band reunion to remember… When former boy band heartthrobs, Soul Obsession, announce their long-awaited reunion tour, a group of friends seize the chance for an epic girls’ getaway following the tour from city to city. Backstage passes help them rediscover their sisterhood…until sparks fly between the gal pals and the guys in the band. Suddenly, this reunion tour becomes a harmony of the heart, where new romance blossoms. Soul Obsession’s farewell tour is about to become the love note of the year.

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