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Dive into the intrigue and sweet romance of the Texas Hotline Series! From former military heroes to law enforcement heroes to medical heroes, these Texas cowboy first responders and their K-9 partners will keep you turning the pages through their bravery and heart-racing action to rescue the innocent when disaster strikes.  

The Plus One Rescue: Despite the center’s no PDA rule, an instant attraction simmers between an expert search and rescue instructor and a broody firefighter during summer training. The Secret Baby Rescue: A Marine trying to right an old wrong, a celebrity actress struggling to prove herself in the world of search and rescue operations, and the amber alert that forces them to put everything on the line — including their hearts. The Bridesmaid Rescue: A missing Marine, the woman he promises to call when he makes it safely home, and the wedding disaster that just might lead to a happily-ever-after no one saw coming… The Girl Next Door Rescue: A K9 police officer in a country town, the sweetly stubborn blogger next door, and a dangerous storm that forces him to sweep her off her feet — literally!

Gabe Aldric had never been tempted to fraternize with one of his students. Until Charlotte Young walked into his classroom. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the beautiful college student, even though she was too young for the college had a rule forbidding a relationship between them. Charlotte didn’t expect to fall for her college professor, but all her peers paled in comparison to Gabe. She thought the attraction was one-sided, so she was in for a surprise when Gabe decided he was done waiting to claim his woman.

My one-night stand with a billionaire was never supposed to lead to a fake engagement. One scorching night with a gorgeous stranger turned my life upside down. He was Ethan Sullivan, tech titan and notorious playboy. But Ethan wasn’t just a fling. He was a lifeline. My family’s multigenerational matchmaking business was on the brink of collapse. Ethan’s company needed my expertise to revamp their dating app, and the pay day would be life-changing. There was just one catch: a one-year fake engagement to generate some serious publicity. After all these fake dates and good night kisses with the raging bull from my one-night stand, the lines between reality and pretense blurred quickly. Behind closed doors we were all over each other. The engagement was fake but the white-hot chemistry was not. Ethan was everything I never knew I needed. I’m so close to having it all but one wrong whisper could expose our secret. Ethan’s empire could crumble. I would lose the family business and my chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love.

They are the offensive line. Their job is to protect the quarterback. I’m the quarterback’s sister. Who’s going to protect my heart from them? Because I can’t pick just one. I want to pick all 6. My younger brother might be the hottest new quarterback in the NFL, but his antics on and off the field almost cost his team a spot in this year’s Superbowl, making the offensive linemen see red. These six men who are tasked to protect the quarterback are now threatening to sit out of the big game if my brother keeps his starting position on the team. It’s two weeks before the Superbowl and the team should be working on plays. Instead, the coach set up an intervention with my brother and the six linemen. Except my irresponsible brother is on a plane to Cabo with some Pop Princess he met at one of her concerts and I’m left taking his place in a cozy rental cabin in the mountains with six angry football players. As my brother’s agent, I’ve brokered million-dollar deals. How hard can it be to convince six of the hottest men I’ve ever seen to give my brother a second chance? Little did I know how good their contract negotiation skills are. Each bartering for what they want. The only problem is they all want me.

Kassidy was happy. She loved, and was loved, working side by side with her mate, building a life with little constraints, loving a male she was destined for — or so he said. Finding herself suddenly locked in an underground safe room with no way out was not at all what she saw in her future. Yet here she was, hidden away despite her objections, while her mate dealt with the threat to them both. His last words to her were, ‘When this door is opened, if he looks like me, you’re safe. If he doesn’t, shoot him. Shoot them all.’. Since her savior looks just like Jared, she didn’t shoot. He’s holding her in his arms, promising to keep her safe. He’s sharing her pain, telling her that he hurts for Jared, too. So, this is obviously what Jared had planned for her in the event of his demise. The only problem now is the male that steals her attention at every turn isn’t’ the one who saved her. But when he looks at her with that intensity in his eyes, her heart skips a beat, and makes her feel worse than she has yet. She’s supposed to be mourning her lost love, not hoping for a glimpse of the sexy CFO of the Pride.Vance was born with the kind of intelligence that’s intimidating (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Lords and Lace, A collection of five new exclusive novellas by your favorite historical romance authors all featuring Lords and Lace. They say… Lace is a sign of purity and innocence but for five Lords… Lace is the symbol for new beginnings. Grab your copy of Lords and Lace today and delve into the captivating titles below:

The Wallflower Wins by Christine Donovan
The Raja & the Lost Princess by Shanti James
His Unlaced Love by Judith Lynne
Betting on a Baron by Rachel Ann Smith
How to Love the Perfect Lord by Tabetha Waite

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