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Kyle and I…we always seemed inevitable. After getting kicked out of my house at sixteen, my boyfriend Kyle’s family took me in. And the two of us, with his brother at the helm and two other friends, formed Intent to Murder, a hard rock band with dreams of a bright future. We play local bars and gain a small following but never get off the ground. When one of our band members dies of an overdose, everything changes. I’ve been ignoring the fact that Kyle and I aren’t yin and yang, meant to complement and fulfill each other; we’re oil and water, destined to never mix. Together, we’re volatile. So when we finally recruit Wolf, an older man who plays guitar, to replace our deceased friend, the band starts to heal. We become better than before. Meanwhile, I figure out Kyle’s not right for me. That doesn’t mean Wolf is, either… but he seems to get me, to understand what makes me tick. And I find myself dreaming about his chiseled body. Thinking about him all the time. Finding ways to share stolen moments with him. It doesn’t matter that he’s probably not the right guy, either. And when we finally kiss, he tells me he’s too old for me. He’s not boyfriend material. He wouldn’t treat me right. But I don’t believe him. Maybe I should. Because I might have to make a choice between the fame I want and the love I think I need…because I probably don’t deserve to have either.

As a small-town girl turned A-List Hollywood rom-com actress, a gorgeous music composer is definitely not who I should be sleeping with. Jackson Smythe is a smoking-hot successful movie score composer who is apparently working on my breakout action movie. One embarrassing argument on the side of the road, caught by eager paparazzi, and I can’t escape him, even if I wanted to. The only way to save the situation before the movie premiere is to pretend we’re dating. The argument was a lover’s tiff. What was supposed to be fake, turns into something much more real than either of us ever anticipated. But there’s another problem. I’m now being sued for an incident that wasn’t my fault, and it seems as though the man I’ve fallen in love with is also involved. How could I be so stupid? I yet again fell for a man who is using me for publicity. He says I’m wrong, but how can I believe him? Do I take my shattered heart home to Seattle or stay and fight for the love I thought I’d finally found?

If he can’t have her love, he’ll have her passion. A marriage of convenience… Sarah Mapleton has already had her heart broken once. When she finds herself compelled to marry the intriguing new Viscount Hathaway, she vows to protect her heart at all costs. He has her hand… After unexpectedly inheriting his uncle’s title, James Hathaway discovers that the one thing he wants above all else is Sarah. He hopes to win her love, but until that happens, he vows to have her passion. But can he win her heart? Sarah is surprised that her new husband can wring unexpected pleasure from her body. But she realizes too late that his kindness has also torn down her emotional barriers. Her determination to protect herself from being hurt again might have pushed James away permanently.

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