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Torn between two lovers on a pretty but deadly island, London King must survive the ravages of the wilderness and a battle for her heart. My first day at New Ocean Prep was supposed to be a fresh start. A chance to return to my hometown—leaving my ruined life behind me. My goal is simple. Keep my grades up, my head down, and focus on securing my spot in a top journalism program. My past catches up with me as I’m drawn towards the two hottest hockey players in school. A trip to a national hockey tournament in Alaska has me investigating the truth behind what happened to a girl they tormented and killed two summers earlier. This story has more layers than I imagined. The deeper I enter their world, the stronger our bonds become until I can’t tell whose side I’m really on.

If you love Enemies-To-Lovers, Silver Fox, Alpha Billionaire Romances with Sassy Smart Young Ladies, and Surprise Babies, grab this Silver Fox Daddy’s Box Set with four Standalone books. Happily-Ever-After Guaranteed!

Book 1 – Silver Fox Daddy’s Second Chance: I just found out I’m pregnant with my dad’s best friend’s baby. The day I find out who my biological dad is, I’m asked to move to New York, learn his business, and carry on his legacy. But before I can take the reins of his empire, he asks his best friend to mentor me first. Little did I know my mentor would be him… Adam Gates. A gorgeous, stubborn billionaire venture capitalist. Also my ex who broke my heart with his harsh words four years ago… (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

If you love Enemies-To-Lovers, Age Gap, Grumpy Boss Billionaire Romances with Sassy Smart Young Ladies, and Surprise Babies, grab this Billionaire Grump’s Box Set with four Standalone books. Happily-Ever-After Guaranteed!

Book 1 – Billionaire Grump’s Secret Baby: The boss I hate just might be my baby daddy. It was the night I’ll never forget. Every face was hidden behind a mask. Yet, I was irresistibly drawn to a stranger… He was like a god walking amongst men and I had to have him. It didn’t take long for him to take charge and claim me between the sheets. But I have yet to see his face. I was daydreaming about the stranger at work. Until my boss walks in… Gawd, I hate him. Harrison Sloane. The grumpy, stubborn billionaire who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. But somehow, Harrison reminds me of the stranger. I might have been sleeping with the boss I hate. And to make things worse, I’m now pregnant with twins… (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

From the second her delicate body thumped into my chest, I knew Lily was mine. It’s the deepest feeling I’ve ever had. Every detail of my gorgeous, sweet girl is precious. Perfect. Yet she’s sensitive about certain things, and doesn’t trust that we’re already together. She just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. I don’t know if she’s ready for the kind of heat that instantly overtakes us. I’ll find a way to prove I’m worth getting through her fears. That just because I’m much older doesn’t mean I want to control my lovely young girl. That my possession will be the best thing for both of us.

Bossy; adjective
1. given to ordering people about
2. overly authoritative
3. domineering

Three bossy baby daddies are waiting to take charge and break rules, all in the name of forbidden love. If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers, surprise pregnancies, age gap, off limits relationships, fake marriage, and grumpy alpha billionaires then you’ve found your next indulgence. These three full-length standalones will keep reading long after lights out. Interconnected characters make appearances throughout the books, and each ends with that intensely satisfying HEA that you’ve come to expect from Josie Hart. Buckle up, things are about to get spicy.

According to town gossip, I’m a grumpy mountain man. They are right. What I am not is a beach Barbie babysitter. Yet, that is exactly what is going to happen. After 10 years as an Army Ranger, all I want is the peace I find in my mountain cabin. Winter is approaching. I’m looking forward to long hours of reading in front of the fire. What I am not expecting. My best friend asking me to safeguard the woman who means the world to him. All winter long. She is gorgeous. Fashionable. Way too bubbly. AND… from the city. There are so many reasons why this woman is off-limits. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. I won’t lose my heart to the only woman who has ever made me want more. She is heartbreak wrapped in a dark red bow. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. Do I?

Thanksgiving date and Valentine’s wedding. Too fast, or right on time. I know, ten years is a long time to be in the friend zone. In my defense, he is my boss, and everyone knows how well doctor/nurse relationships work out. Falling in love with my best friend was unexpected. This is my second chance at true love, and I want to take it. But… I can’t go from best friend on Wednesday, to girlfriend on Thursday, fiancé by Friday, and wife on Saturday. We are too old to waste another moment, but… If I take this step, I risk another heartbreak and losing it all. Can I trust my whole heart to the man all the nurses call Dr. Foxy?

A wealthy heiress hires a rugged bounty hunter to pose as her fiancé in this sweet and swoony opposites-attract historical romance! Thanks to a lavish inheritance, Rachel West can finally afford to follow her dreams and open the Cedar Falls Finishing School for Young Ladies. Unfortunately, a former co-instructor from Boston follows her to her hometown, claiming a deathbed promise to look after her. All too soon, he’s pressuring her to marry him, making her fear he’s only interested in getting his hands on her money. Bounty hunter Boone Cassidy is accustomed to far more dangerous assignments than helping a spoiled rich girl discourage an unwanted suitor — even one with a string of bad debts and a bounty on his head. He fully expects the snobby headmistress to send him packing the moment she catches sight of his dark skin and rough and tough exterior. Instead, an unexpected attraction ignites, making him dream about impossible things like happily-ever-after with the woman who writes his paycheck.

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