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I cashed my v-card in for a sizzling one-night stand that’s left me with a baby bump. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Being captive to my crime family, the only value I possess is my v-card. On my first night of freedom, beyond my family’s protection, I’m thrust into ecstasy by a nightclub owner. Dante’s an older, dark haired stallion that’s cocky and confident. Needless to say, it was the best night of sin I’ve ever had. Now, a year later, my heartless father sells me to a rival crime family…the Vietti’s. To him it’s business as usual. The Vietti men are brutal alpha males I’ve been raised to hate. Now I’m their hostage. What’s worse, they think I’m still chaste. And with a baby growing inside me and no v-card, I’m worthless. I’ve traded one hell for an even greater one… and my fate hangs on a knife’s edge.

I don’t care if she is my sister’s best friend; there is no way she is stealing my family’s estate. My vineyard has been home for generations, and now I’m told we don’t really own it. After that first encounter at a neighboring estate sale, all I can see is her fiery hair, the temper in her eyes, and those full red lips. I keep thinking about those lips, that almost kiss, my hand hot on the small of her back. She is all trouble with a capital T. This sultry redhead thinks she can walk in and take what she wants. She doesn’t know the hornets’ nest she’s stirring up. I’m no pushover, and I’ll do anything to stop her. After the meeting with our lawyers, it sounds like I might have to – a fake marriage. The only way to save the vineyards. But living on the same estate with her may have its advantages.

It’s burn the witch or be burned with her… In 2016, Eloise’s life is in ruins. Her relationship failed after her fiance’s cheating, and her job as an author is in shambles. And suddenly, she finds herself in the biggest trouble of all: traveling back in time, in the Highlands of the 1700s, with a brooding Laird keeping her prisoner… While Jackson doesn’t believe in witches, the woman who claims to be from the future has certainly bewitched his heart. For he cannot think straight when he is around her. But will his love be enough to keep her in his time?

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