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He knows how to sweep a girl off her feet, even ones who don’t believe in romance. With the Boot Knockers Ranch expanding to Montana, a whole new group of guys bust their butts on the ranch—and in the bedrooms. Foster has been many things in his life, but he’s never been happier than as a Boot Knocker. Turns out all his sweet-talkin’ and suave ways of his youth aren’t wasted on the ladies who visit the ranch looking to experience the sexual thrill of a lifetime. He’s charmed many a thong off a lady, though he’s never faced a tough cowgirl like Chevy. She tries to ignore his charms, but they don’t call him the Candlelight Cowboy for nothin’, and there’s no way he’ll let her walk away less than satisfied. If she can walk at all. Chevy is sick and tired of being romanced by fake men and then ditched when she gets attached. She’s breaking the cycle—starting now. Finding the Boot Knocker who can help her seems like fate. He can work his magic all he wants, but she’s in control. Knowing he’s all talk means she holds the reins tightly. Or she’s trying to. Foster’s a master of wining, dining and 69ing. And don’t even get her started on the moonlit horseback rides or bubble baths. Foster makes every woman feel special, but with Chevy, everything (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

In an ironic twist of fate, I’ve found myself entangled in Dante Salvato’s world. The ruthless mafia king is no stranger to violence; but when he lays his eyes on my bruised and battered face, he’s furious. I thought my makeup was thick enough to cover the beating I suffered until my inappropriately flirtatious boss noticed. As a cocktail waitress in his casino, I’ve always been on Mr. Salvato’s radar, but now he’s obsessed, demanding to know who hurt me and why, intent on making them suffer. When Dante discovers that my boyfriend Mitch not only owes money to another vicious Vegas mobster but is also cheating on me, he offers him one hell of a deal – Dante will pay off Mitch’s debt in exchange for the one thing he wants more than anything – me. Dante’s offer requires me to spend the next seventy-six days and nights with him, one for every thousand dollars of Mitch’s debt. When I refuse, Dante promises to kill Mitch right then and there for being the one ultimately responsible for my bruises. Desperate to avoid bloodshed even after I’ve seen the evidence of Mitch’s betrayal, I reluctantly accept Dante’s deal with one stipulation. I warn the arrogant bastard that I will never, under any circumstance, sleep with him. Now I just have to resist the mob boss for seventy-six days and nights while he uses every weapon in his arsenal to try and change my mind. 

Tales of Lords who went to a “copper hell” for an evening’s entertainment and lost their fortunes through nefarious means. What will they be willing to do to get it back? Gambling was an accepted pastime during Regency times and people would bet on anything! An evening out or at home playing cards made for an enjoyable couple hours and a few coins made it more interesting. While some gambling was harmless and fun, high stakes gambling could lead to addiction, shocking losses, ruin, and even suicide. While wealthy men gambled in clubs, players could depend upon an honest game but there were also less reputable places to play. People from all classes gambled in the “copper hells” but cheating was common. Six stories of how men were cheated of their fortune, and ladies that helped them regain their fortune and find love! Boxset Includes: The Viscount’s Stolen Fortune, For Richer or Poorer, Her Heart’s Choice, A Dreadful Secret, Their Forgotten Love, and His Convenient Match. Blurbs for each included title are available on Amazon.

This professional running back can’t afford to fumble when he finds the woman who’s meant to be his.

This will be one boy band reunion to remember… When former boy band heartthrobs, Soul Obsession, announce their long-awaited reunion tour, a group of friends seize the chance for an epic girls’ getaway following the tour from city to city. Backstage passes help them rediscover their sisterhood…until sparks fly between the gal pals and the guys in the band. Suddenly, this reunion tour becomes a harmony of the heart, where new romance blossoms. Soul Obsession’s farewell tour is about to become the love note of the year.

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