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Caleb Sterling has found the woman for him. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his… even if it means forcing her to spend time with him. He didn’t become a billionaire without learning how to leverage a contract to his advantage. Now that he’s gotten her to sign on the dotted line, he almost has Madeleine Connelly right where he wants her—in his bed and pregnant with his baby. Madeleine seriously underestimated Caleb’s desire for her. She thought the notorious playboy would move onto his next conquest after he’d gotten what he wanted from her. When she accepted a business deal with his company, she didn’t realize it meant spending so much time with him. Now she has to decide if she wants to trigger the penalty clause in their contract so she can get away from him or succumb to the temptation that is Caleb Sterling.

Sure, I want the job… I need the job… But I’m not prepared when he walks into the interview – the hot sun-kissed bod that I had a one-nighter with months ago. Tyler Harrington, notorious Santa Barbara billionaire playboy and owner of this cyber security firm sits across from me and has no idea who I am. I can still remember that muscled body and rippling abs hidden under that shirt, though. His blue eyes penetrate my soul. Come on Zoya – you can pull this off! Getting the job is easy – but what I have to do to keep it is unthinkable. A fake engagement to get a client! But the heat makes it feel all too real and my body aches for him. Nope – It doesn’t feel fake and I’m in trouble.

The silver fox doctor is on my doorstep ready to confess, Yeah, the one who doesn’t want kids. The door swings open to my six-year-old staring up at him. Oh crap… Hold on, let me back up here. Dr. Steamy – I mean Scott – is a world-class pediatrician who prefers the bachelor life. He saves kids’ lives all day but doesn’t want any of his own. Fine by me, our fling is just that. No strings attached, so I keep my personal life out of it. Including my son. Sparks are flying, parts are tingling, and panties hit the ground. Scott’s my real-life prince charming and I’m living the fantasy. Until it all comes crashing down. My heart pounds out of my chest, As I stare at one word on the stick: Pregnant. If only I would’ve come clean earlier. Now I have to tell Dr. Steamy he’s going to be double the daddy.

The Just4You Matchmaker Series is comprised of three fun, light-hearted, swoon-worthy romantic suspense stories that have a touch of sweetness and a dash of humor. Each one is sure to keep you guessing until the very end. 

Matchmaking The Undercover Agent: Amelia is a matchmaker who’s never been matched. Ethan is a famous rockstar and her brother’s best friend. He’s sexy. He’s sweet. And he’s completely off-limits. Instead of pursuing the undeniable chemistry that Amelia and Ethan share, and risking a friendship years in the making, Amelia turns her affections to a client that has only eyes for her. Xavier is handsome, charming, and completely available. Just when life seems to be perfect, everything begins to fall apart. After nearly being kidnapped by a stalker in the park, relentlessly pursued by a tech mogul, and unable to get over her feelings for Ethan, Amelia discovers that Xavier isn’t who he claims to be. He’s more. Much more. But will he be her hero or her downfall? 

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