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Caleb Sterling has found the woman for him. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his… even if it means forcing her to spend time with him. He didn’t become a billionaire without learning how to leverage a contract to his advantage. Now that he’s gotten her to sign on the dotted line, he almost has Madeleine Connelly right where he wants her—in his bed and pregnant with his baby. Madeleine seriously underestimated Caleb’s desire for her. She thought the notorious playboy would move onto his next conquest after he’d gotten what he wanted from her. When she accepted a business deal with his company, she didn’t realize it meant spending so much time with him. Now she has to decide if she wants to trigger the penalty clause in their contract so she can get away from him or succumb to the temptation that is Caleb Sterling.

My heart races at the sight of the sexy billionaire I never knew existed – my best friend’s brother. He’s 18 years older, but I wish he notices me in the tight-fitting dress at the rehearsal dinner. Jock McLeod doesn’t exactly care for relationships. His cold-eyed stare keeps dismissing me, I notice his warm smile towards his sister… making me wonder if he does have a heart to spare. When a freak accident traps everyone in the resort, there’s no hiding from each other now. His secret desires finally unveil in front of me… Drenched in his own sweat, he proves himself irresistible… and I give in completely. The invisible wall between us crumbles down to nothing as I hold onto him tight. But the fun is short lived when I discover I’m pregnant. Jock claimed me as soon as he had a chance but I need to know if he would do the same with his baby.

Khloe, is the bane of my existence. She is wasteful and overly critical, but she is smart, and annoyingly attractive. It doesn’t matter anyway she’s my sister’s best friend and she’s off-limits. Now she is a food critic for a popular food magazine, and she is invading my workspace. An incident happened in my restaurant and an anonymous scathing review appears online. Despite Khloe’s denial, my gut tells me she is the culprit. My sister intervenes, I am forced to work with her to save my restaurant. But working closely with Khloe in my kitchen showed a different side of her I never knew. She has amazing skills with a chef’s knife. Seeing Khloe wearing my Chef’s apron, I find my walls crumbling and I am imagining ways to make her mine. With one kiss, a night of passion explodes, which leads to a whole new menu of unexpected truths. Our secret relationship is exposed. A new scandal appears online, and Khloe’s secret revealed. Everything blows up in flames. I must choose between saving my restaurant or this growing love I have for Khloe.

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