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Every step she takes to ensure his happiness is a nail in the coffin of her own. Miss Wetherham is just a matchmaker looking to secure her independence. When society rogue Nick Dellacort comes to her with a devious plan to restore his pride and win back his lost bride, she reluctantly agrees in exchange for enough money to secure her survival. But as she helps him get what he wants, she finds herself drawn to the rogue and her guileless heart in danger of falling for his charms. As for Nick, once he sets the devilish wheels in motion, can he abandon the scheme and persuade Miss Wetherham to choose a scoundrel like him for a wedding of her own?

I didn’t know my brother’s arrogant billionaire best friend had a child. Now, I’m his new nanny. Roman Sterling and I have never seen eye to eye, but his friendship with my brother grants me an offer I can’t refuse. After a rocky relationship left me broke and broken, I agreed to work as his son’s nanny. Roman is untouchable and unbreakable, his son is his only weakness. But arguments about his detached parenting style soon turn into heated moments of sin. When he asks me to parade as his wife for the sake of a business deal, I finally see what lies beneath his cold exterior: feelings that only I can awaken in him. However, as long as my troubled past follows me, it’s impossible to be honest with him. When the man I’ve been running from finally hunts me down, I need Roman to come to my rescue.

A sexy older man appeared out of the gloomy rain to save me before a job interview. Maybe it was the enticing good luck kiss from a stranger, but I got both the job and an instant boyfriend. Trent was the most incredible (and only) meteorologist I’d ever met. But how could someone like me fit into the TV world of a gorgeous, wealthy man? I felt a severe heatwave every time he touched me, yet his obsession might be mercurial. Falling in love so fast was just a fantasy. Wasn’t it?

I just found out I’m carrying my boss’s baby. To start a new life for myself and my little girl, I left my hometown with a broken heart. I promised to work hard to take good care of myself and my daughter. But little did I know my boss would be him. Kane Simmon. A grumpy billionaire and my ex’s older brother. He is totally off-limits, but we can’t keep our eyes off each other. One heated argument turns into a kiss, and the next thing I know, I’m pinned to his desk in his office. I deny it as a one-time fling, but I know it’s a lie. Especially now that I’m pregnant with his baby…

Billionaire playboy Ethan Knight might have the rest of Hollywood fooled, but I know the kind of person he truly is. A wildly privileged grump like him is the last person in the world I want to profile, but my lady bits deceive me and say otherwise. I’m willing to play the game to make it to the big leagues. It’s my chance to show everyone they’ve lionized a real creep. But the more time I spend with him, the less of a jerk he turns out to be… he has heart. I’m either falling for this actor’s tricks of the trade… or falling in love with him. None of that matters to him, I’m sure. Our attraction, his touch… Oh God, the passion, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My body’s cravings have seized control, and my professional resolve is nowhere to be found. Something in me feels utterly off… My woman’s intuition is on high alert, or my body is throwing up red flags. I am not the jealous type; I know he could have any woman he wants. We’re on the brink of a massive reality check. I can only hope he’s willing to take this journey on with me.

Thanksgiving date and Valentine’s wedding. Too fast, or right on time. I know, ten years is a long time to be in the friend zone. In my defense, he is my boss, and everyone knows how well doctor/nurse relationships work out. Falling in love with my best friend was unexpected. This is my second chance at true love, and I want to take it. But… I can’t go from best friend on Wednesday, to girlfriend on Thursday, fiancé by Friday, and wife on Saturday. We are too old to waste another moment, but… If I take this step, I risk another heartbreak and losing it all. Can I trust my whole heart to the man all the nurses call Dr. Foxy?

Valentine’s Day has never been this steamy, but 3 naughty bikers have never been part of the holiday. The assignment was supposed to be easy, just a few simple ground rules. One, interview the Angle Riders MC and get the story. Two, don’t let them intimidate me. And three, don’t sleep with the bad boy bikers. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. They are my perfect Valentine’s gifts. Jake, with his sweet, protective older man sex appeal. His deep blue eyes are always looking out for me. Dex, my gentle giant with his massive muscles and skilled hands always holding me tight. And Liam, with his big…brain, always challenging me in the bedroom and out. They all want me, and I want them, but it’s not that simple. A ruthless chapter of the Angle Riders is turning the MC in a dangerous direction. My guys want out, and I’m right in the crosshairs of their battle. It’s unsafe for me here, but my heart won’t let me go. And I’m not ready to give up on my alpha bikers or my happily ever after.

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