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He’s my billionaire ex who shattered my heart three years ago… And the last person I thought would save me. Despite our messy breakup, Jacob Adler is the sexiest man to ever cross my path. Those crisp blue eyes, irresistible smile and chiseled body still fuel my dreams. After putting my career on hold to care for my family, I’m ready to move on. But life took a wild turn when I inherited my late aunt’s neglected estate. And thanks to my best friend, aka his sister, we’re stuck renovating it together. As we work, sparks fly, old flames ignite and my defenses weaken. We soon find out the house holds secrets, putting our lives at risk. Now we’re pretending to be engaged to survive, But, when he wraps me in his arms the past melts away. And with every electrifying touch and fiery kiss, it’s harder to pretend. The danger is real and now my heart is torn. I swore I’d never let him back into my life. But I’m tempted to risk it all again … for him.

Three years ago, Jacob was banned from his pack and from seeing his own mate. Losing her nearly killed him. Now, his life is starting to come together, with the exception of one thing— he still doesn’t have his mate. Left with a secret piece of him, their daughter, Tessa leaves everything familiar to find a new life for her and Hannah, away from the pack that ripped her mate from her arms. But when their paths cross again, it seems Fate has new plans for them all. Tessa is determined to raise her daughter all on her own, to keep her safe from pack retribution if they find out Jacob’s in her life once more. But Jacob will do whatever he can to keep them all together. How can he convince her that they’re stronger together, as a family? Only Fate knows.

Only one of them is a perfectionist. Heavenly match…or disaster in motion? Kinsley lives her life by checklist and straight forward rules. She needs to. Otherwise she won’t be able to plan homecoming, help her best friend get a college scholarship and ensure every senior has the best year possible. But there’s a little wiggle room for a hot hook up, as long as no feelings are involved. Davin has a troubled past. The talent artist wants to keep his head low and survive the school year. He has a masterpiece to finish and his anxiety to manage. When they’re assigned as writing partners, neither can deny their attraction for the other. But the High School Princess wants to keep their steamy relationship a secret and Davin assumes it’s because she doesn’t want to tarnish her perfect image. Will they break their rules for a chance to fall in love?

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