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She’s off-limits and half his age, but this ex-military biker is a protector hero who won’t give up the woman who captures his heart. Isabella Berone has haunted my dreams since I watched her strut into the White Out nightclub two years ago. She was too young then, the mafia princess with something to prove. But I watched, and I waited. When Isabella needs me, I’m there for her. I’ll protect her with my life. Because despite the age gap, despite her being off limits, I’ve fallen for the wild mafia princess. When her father comes for her, I’ll be ready. I swore to fight for my country once, and now I’ll fight for Isabella, no matter the cost.

It’s been sixteen years since he stole my job and shattered my heart. Marty’s the brooding architect who was once the love of my life until he destroyed my lifelong dream. The betrayal I felt was overwhelming and I swore I would never forgive him. Meanwhile, my dad thinks he’s the puppet master of my love life, and he’s determined to play matchmaker. He’s organized a “retirement celebration”, a tropical love revival for Marty and me. Dad’s version of Cupid in a Hawaiian shirt. With my father retiring, this grumpy single dad and I are again competing for the same job. Marty’s daughter and my father are scheming every minute to find ways to reunite us. Being with Marty again brings back all the hurt and anger I’ve tried so hard to forget. But seeing the tender, sweet side of him with his daughter, reminds me why I once fell in love with him. Resisting this chaotic love trap is like dodging coconuts in a hurricane. I find myself torn between the pain of yesterday and the possibility of tomorrow. Rekindling the love buried beneath the ruins of betrayal may prove to be an impossible challenge.

I will NOT fall for the smart-mouthed, pretty-boy billionaire who owns Oakley Island. But his yacht is another story … Love and happily-ever-after? It’s not for me. I’m much happier keeping everyone at arm’s length, focusing on my government cybersecurity work. But then I push things a little too far and hack my way into trouble. When I need to lay low and stay off the radar for a bit, what better place to do so than on Oakley Island with my sisters? With limited housing options, I reluctantly agree to stay on the yacht of the very annoying Benedict King—the billionaire who has been messing—flirting?—with me since we met. I did NOT agree, however, to a voyage out to sea. But I wake up to find the yacht that should be docked and empty somewhere in the Atlantic with two government agents tasked with babysitting me and one Benedict King. Who also lied about being my boyfriend. Typical rich man—thinking he can take whatever he wants. But he won’t take my heart. Not even when I see his softer side, see behind his walls, see the real man behind the reputation. Honestly, this might be more dangerous than any of the other trouble I stirred up. Because if I fall for Benedict King, I’m not sure there’s any hope of rescue.

Intern Violet’s kitchen prowess matches her fiery gaze, challenging my grumpy exterior. Invited to Italy’s culinary world event, a room mix-up throws us into forced proximity, turning up the heat. Her vibrant energy clashes with my alpha calm, sparking a forbidden romance under the Tuscan sun. But there’s a complication—Violet has a boyfriend. Beyond boss lines, I crave more than her culinary skills, and her relationship status adds a layer of complexity. As I witness Violet’s brilliance, the temptation of a forbidden alliance becomes a dangerous dance. Despite the boyfriend in the picture, I yearn to be more than Violet’s boss in the heat of Florence. Can she untangle herself from the web of a relationship and let our culinary affection ignite into a love that transcends the kitchen and beyond?

Doesn’t every girl dream of spending her wedding night with four hot bikers? I never knew my father, not even his name, and until Mom got sick, I thought it would stay that way. But an email address scribbled on the back of an old photo changed my life overnight. From the moment he wrote back, Vincent Mesner was an answer to my prayers. Paying for Mom’s treatment and rehabilitation, listening to my tear-filled phone calls, and then offering to fly me out to meet him for the first time. He never mentioned being a ruthless crime boss that owns half the town. Or what he’d demand in exchange for his generosity. Within forty-eight hours of landing, I’m a shell-shocked bride-to-be, waiting to say I do to a cruel-looking stranger he’s picked out for me. Because nobody says no to Vincent. Nobody. Except for the four equally scary—but a hell of a lot sexier—men who crash my wedding day, literally. I should be terrified when they take me hostage on their race out of my father’s casino, but all I feel is relief. When the muscular, inked twins Thunder and Lightning lead me to bed, fear is the last thing on my mind. Their teasing smiles promise (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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