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Who needs men when you have cupcakes? Life was good. I didn’t need anything. Especially not a sexy, funny, sweet stranger who wanted to go on a date. My friends told me to give him a chance, but I knew he’d take one look at my curvy body and come up with a reason not to go out again. So, I gave him an out. He didn’t take it. The man was relentless. He liked my curves, and he wanted more than just phone calls. He wanted me. How could I say no to that?

Happy Endings Resort is where I spent the best summers of my life running amuck with my older brother and where I went now to get away from it all. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining about being team captain and starting center for the NHL’s Mile High Miners and now, Stanley Cup champs. Damn, that sounded good to add. It was my greatest dream come true, but it was a long season, and I was looking forward to some downtime in a place where I was still just Barrett to everyone. It was a nice change of pace from being “Boom Boom” McGill and thanks to a new service at the resort called, Happy Campers, I had a clean cabin and cold beer waiting for me when I arrived. For once, some R&R was the only thing on my to-do list. Funny how it all changed with a knock on my door. Okay, two knocks, but I stopped counting when I opened the door for Adelaide. Hell, maybe I stopped breathing because I stopped thinking straight the second I saw her. What was wrong with me? Nothing about the shy mother of two should have intrigued me. Maybe it was the fact that she was outnumbered by her kids. She deserved to be on a team with Even Strength. I wanted to be that for her, only time would tell if I would make the cut.

When social media star Madi meets down-on-his luck cowboy Cash, #romance is trending, but can two polar opposites find a picture-perfect happily ever after? On a whim, Madi Keller books a vacation at a ranch in the wilds of Montana hoping to escape a broken heart and her mile-a-minute LA life. The last thing she expects is to fall head over heels–literally–for Cash Carter. But escaping her LA life permanently, and the boyfriend she left behind, may be more than Madi is ready for. Cash Carter knows trouble when he sees it tumbling down the airport escalator—and it looks exactly like Madi Keller, right down to her overpriced designer cowboy boots and bright pink hat. He’s shown dozens of girls just like her how to ride, rope, and wrangle, including the one who stampeded right over his heart. Soon Cash faces even more trouble than he bargained for when Madi turns out to have an irresistible depth beneath her charm, and Madi has to reevaluate her own prejudices about cowboys when ranch life feels more appealing than a return to the city. The differences between them are bigger than a star-filled Montana sky, but can they put them aside to find the happiness they both long for?

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