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Leanne Leto spent most of her life running from the truth. Now that her biggest secret is out in the open, she vows to get over her bone-deep fear of Alphas to make a fresh start in Cressidan City. Admitting what she truly wants out of her life, she starts the career she’s always craved. The only trouble is, she’s forced to work closely with Alphas who know every detail about her past. Falling for the men she works with isn’t part of her plan, but she’s not sure she has the strength to resist their allure. Can this pack help heal her heart, or is she doomed to forever be ruined by Alphas?

Jude Collymore wasn’t a player. He played drums, but he never played games—especially with women. Which is why the broody rock star made it clear he had no interest in long-term commitments. It wasn’t his fault he had women falling all over him despite that. It was a consequence of both the rock star lifestyle and the fact he knew exactly what he was doing in the bedroom. As far as Jude was concerned, with his band and a steady stream of admirers, he had it made. But that soon changed when bandmate and best friend, Levi, received some life-changing information that could disrupt the band’s current tour. Offering his support immediately, Jude very quickly found himself tested with a connection he found impossible to ignore. Esther Milligan should never have been on his radar, —she’s his best friend’s little sister and severely off limits—and although he fought their attraction, the pull toward her was just too strong. Add to that a stupid challenge that became a bizarre, forbidden relationship and suddenly his single, carefree status was under question and the consequences were career ending. Now, Jude has to decide where his loyalties lie and where his heart belongs…

Toby “Blade” Barker didn’t plan to claim an old lady like his club president and VP had recently done. As the doctor for the Iron Rogues, his time was rarely his own. But his good intentions went out the window when he met Elise Ayers. It didn’t matter that the injured beauty was too young for him. Or that she was his club brother’s little sister. All it took was one look for Blade to know that Elise was meant to be his.

A billionaire football star is used to the spotlight, but not to surprises like this. A revelation hits him like a linebacker tackle; though lost years ago, his college love is in the same town. Secrets are exposed, but the playing field is not even. Seeing Chloe, who was once Deborah, my college sweetheart, is a revelation that shakes my world. She’s no longer the girl I knew but a successful realtor and mother, fiercely guarding her independence and a child. Her transformation from my lost love to this enigmatic woman is bewildering. Every interaction is a flashback to what we had and a confrontation with what she’s become. With mannerisms eerily reminiscent of our shared past, the child with my eyes raises questions I’m not ready to answer. As a man used to facing challenges on the football field, this personal puzzle is the most daunting game I’ve ever played. This reveal is my most formidable opponent yet. Can our past love navigate the truths and secrets, or are we destined for a final timeout?

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