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Returning to Cedar Hollow was supposed to be about healing. But Cole Harrington, my best friend’s dad, isn’t making it easy. Rugged, handsome, and off-limits. Our shared grief – his wife gone, my child never born – becomes an unexpected bond, a silent understanding in each glance. Reviving the diner Cole’s wife once owned, we find solace in our shared tasks, but the air crackles with more than just memories. The way his hands accidentally graze mine ignites a fire I can’t douse. Forbidden and reckless, our connection deepens, every stolen moment a dance with danger. The pain of our pasts lingers, yet his touch brings a forbidden comfort to my body that I crave in the quiet of the night. As the diner comes to life, so does something between us. A surprise that could change everything. This secret I’m cooking up will either bring us closer together, or tear everything apart.

Jake Ross. My first kiss. First love. The one I wanted to be my first everything. He was my forever … until he wasn’t. With my world shattered, I left New York with the intention of never seeing the bad boy who broke my heart, again. Six years later I’m back with one goal: steer clear of the person who ran me out of the city. Fate has other ideas though, and when our careers become entangled, avoidance proves impossible. One summer ending with a life changing decision. A second chance at forever with the whisper of “it’s always been you”. But now … the world wants Jake too.

Toby “Blade” Barker didn’t plan to claim an old lady like his club president and VP had recently done. As the doctor for the Iron Rogues, his time was rarely his own. But his good intentions went out the window when he met Elise Ayers. It didn’t matter that the injured beauty was too young for him. Or that she was his club brother’s little sister. All it took was one look for Blade to know that Elise was meant to be his.

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