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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some even come with flashing blue lights. Being raised by a drug addict leaves its mark. Internal scars that refuse to heal, and a heart that feels unworthy. When Raven’s mother dies of an overdose, she ends up face-to-face with a man from her past. Officer Damon Ramirez is a man Raven should not date. He is everything that her brother and his club disapprove of. Despite knowing that, she finds herself deeply attracted to the officer. Raven has secrets. Dark secrets she has never divulged to anyone. When those secrets come knocking on her door, will Damon be able to save her from that dark past?

Getting hired as a high school principal in her hometown is her biggest dream come true, except for one small detail — her ex-boyfriend is the head of security. After a devastating storm, Hope Remington returns to Heart Lake to help them rebuild. Her job is to unite two rival high schools under one roof. The catch is that she’ll be doing it with Josh Hawling by her side — a guy who spent more time in the principal’s office than in class during their teen years. Somehow, he’s managed to convince the school board that he and his security firm partner can keep their campus safe, while also coaching a bunch of angry and resentful football players into a team that’ll make the playoffs. Though Hope appreciates having a security team on site, she’s not looking forward to her daily encounters with her cocky head of security. Or being socked in the heart all over again by his devastating smile. Or having to finally face the feelings she still has for him. An attraction that might’ve kindled into a lot more if she’d never left Texas in the first place.

Size doesn’t matter. Yeah, right. When a guy a head taller than the other men at the gym, with massive muscles and sexy tattoos, decides to give you a personal tour at your new job, his size is the first thing you notice. Yet Caleb’s midnight blue eyes are so gentle when they lock on mine. He’s older, funny, confident… and somehow makes me feel a bit less shy. But I’m supposed to be moving soon. Can I stop myself from falling for him so hard and fast, especially when he’s already treating me like his girlfriend? Every touch, every rasp of his deep voice, sends my heart spiraling. Having such an intense man completely focused on me makes me feel like anything is possible. Even standing up for myself, and deciding how to live my own life.

What’s the saying? When it rains, it pours… And what’s that other one? Life begins at forty… Ha! With my best years and a broken marriage behind me, getting caught in a torrential downpour felt like just another day in ‘Billie’s Hopeless Middle-Aged Life’. But when I slipped into a nearby bar, things went from bad to worse then, unexpectedly interesting. As a nerdy, insecure single mom, my first thoughts were that I had no business drinking alone in the middle of the day. I thought I wasn’t that hopeless… yet. But then I spotted my soon-to-be-ex husband, Logan, canoodling with the younger woman he’d left me for and promptly ordered the biggest and strongest drink they had. Which was when things got… interesting. No sooner had I started drowning my sorrows when a stunning younger man sat at my table and suggested a little dare—a very tempting dare that I knew would give me the chance to hit back at my cheating ex, while also discovering the one thing I’d truly lost over the years… me.

She was everything he wanted. He was that to her and more. A storybook family. Fire and passion. A great life. Despite disapproval from their families, they created their perfect love story. Vinny and Bianca were blissfully happy and that was absolutely all that mattered. Until it wasn’t. What happens when the devil enters your perfect world… and you invited them in with open arms? You let them connect with your children, your family, your entire world. And you didn’t look up until it was too late. Can Vinny save his marriage? Will Bianca let him? Can they remember why they fell in love or are they in too deep?

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