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As if losing my job and moving back home wasn’t a low enough point in my life. I just matched with my best friend’s brother on a dating app. I’m back in Meadowbrook just in time for my best friend’s wedding, and no amount of pep talk could prepare me for seeing my neighbor, Eric Cruise, again. Basically, he’s the James Bond of suburbia. Ex-Navy charm, rugged, sophisticated, and to top it off, my high school crush. Whenever his piercing blue eyes meet mine, it’s as if he’s peering straight into my soul. When to my surprise, Eric offers me a job at his security firm, I thought I could keep things professional. Yeah, right. As if my heart got the memo. Because when we match on a dating app and get stuck in an elevator, suddenly, our professional and personal lives collide. As the line between friendship and something more blurs, with each passing day, our undeniable chemistry only grows stronger. While assisting Eric in rebranding his company and navigating business betrayals, I delve into his dreams and fears. And as I impatiently wait for my best friend’s return from her honeymoon, It’s crystal clear- I’m falling madly in love with her brother.

I had a one-night stand with my billionaire boss and surprise! I’m pregnant. And he cannot know. Travis Caldwell. The chiseled Greek god in a suit. It all started when I sold my company to him, which made him my new boss. We were instant enemies. His plans for my business make me want to scream. But before I know it he’s making me scream in the bedroom. I should probably stay away from him. Easier said than done when you work for the hottest man alive. His touch drives me insane, his kiss sends me to another planet. Now I want him every single day. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to tell him about the baby when I find out, He’s been hiding a huge secret of his own…

Lois and Adam’s story. Blurb Coming Soon.

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