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A woman broken by her past. A cop who’d die to keep her safe. The truth will tear them apart. Journalist Sierra Goldstein finds solace on the wild and beautiful Kangaroo Island after a devastating crash changes her life. But her sanctuary is shattered when a child goes missing and she becomes involved in the life and death search. Reed Kapua is also looking for a simpler life when he starts work as the new cop on the island, returning to the force after an on-the-job tragedy. But when he investigates a robbery at the home of the intriguing Sierra, complications start to multiply. Reed recruits Sierra after she revels she investigated a story on two child abductions years ago, believing there might be similarities to this new case. Sierra and Reed work together, racing to figure out the link, their sizzling attraction never far from the surface. When the bones of a second child are uncovered, Sierra becomes the next target of the predator. Then Reed discovers a terrible truth that will tear them apart. Can Reed and Sierra uncover the killer hiding in plain sight and heal their own shattered hearts before time runs out? 

He’s my ex-boss, twice my age, my fake fiancé and now… my baby daddy. My infuriatingly sexy boss has hired me to be his fake fiancé at his family wedding to appease his dying grandmother. I know deep down I’ll regret it, but he’s desperate and I need the cash. The man I’ve locked horns with is now my partner in a charade that’s as thrilling as it is dangerous. His smoldering looks are unraveling my defenses faster than his ripped forearms are unraveling my skirt. In the heat of the night, the lines get blurred between business and pleasure. And as his gruff exterior softens, I can’t deny I’m falling for him… fast. I’m not just his pretend fiancé, I’m the woman who might just change him. Just when I thought things couldn’t get messier, now I have to tell him that this baby in my belly… belongs to him.

Atlanta, Georgia is the new Hollywood of the South. The mansions of Five Oaks are where all of the rich and famous want to live, and the lavish Riverton Prep is the desired school for their privileged kids. Ronnie: I will never fit in at Riverton Prep. Since my dad took the job as principal here, I’ve spent most of my time desperately trying to hide in the shadows. I want nothing more than to go unnoticed by the wanna-be YouTube stars that roam these hallways. At least I have my romance novels, and the hope that one day I’ll find my own happily ever after. When something traumatic happens to me, the guy who saves me doesn’t seem like the hero type. Is Sawyer meant to be my hero or the villain of my story? Sawyer: Since the scandal that rocked my family three years ago, I am considered unwelcome trash by most of the residents of Five Oaks. That’s fine with me, except that I’m forced into working for my sinister uncle and bonehead cousin. When I rescue Ronnie from a scary situation, she shows me that I can be someone different. Can I be the good guy she needs me to be or am I destined to be the bad guy like the other men in my family? 

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