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My mate is captured and he’ll die unless I face my enemy alone. The final battle is here. I have to prove that I’m worthy of the crown. Everything rests on me. But I’m willing to accept the challenge. I want justice for my parents’ murder and my demon wolves’ enslavement. My enemy doesn’t play fair, and I know it’s an ambush. Bring it on, dude. Win or lose, I’m ready.

Heading back to the small mountain town of Thunderbrook where I grew up seemed like a good idea — a chance to catch up with old friends, revisit familiar haunts and take a stroll down memory lane. That’s until I bump into the guy who owned my heart, then broke it. Mason Steele, my high school crush and first kiss, has transformed into a bearded, ex-military, hulking mountain man. But here’s the kicker — he’s now the town cop, complete with a badge and a rugged charm that’s impossible to ignore. The instant he lays eyes on me again, he’s all up in my business, reigniting a flame I’ve worked tirelessly to smother. Yet, the sparks flying between us could set the whole town ablaze. I got burnt once, I won’t let it happen again. Plus, I’m only back for my high school reunion, not a night of dizzying, delicious, danger. Because I might be safer with the grizzly bear that tries to snack on me than this overprotective, obsessed, mountain man who sweeps me away to his secluded mountain cabin for safety. Safety? Yeah, right. Is my virginity safe? Think again, because apparently I like being at the mercy of this scorching hot alpha male. Imagine my surprise when I discover he’s also a virgin, and that he’s been waiting to make me into his mountain woman.

My life is good. I have amazing friends and a great job as a professor at the University. Falling in love?… Not on my radar. Didn’t have the time for it. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to go out and have fun. Unfortunately, just when I think someone understands what I mean by “no strings attached” …they get attached. Just one night… that’s all I wanted. Man, it was incredible. So, imagine my surprise when I showed up to work, turned the corner, and saw my “one night” standing right there in front of me. Now I got to choose between standing by my “just one night” rule or breaking the even more important “no fraternization between colleagues” rule to go after what I might truly want. Just one night… but what if I want more?

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