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I lived as a lone wolf for years and turned my back on love a long time ago. My heart had been broken too many times for me to believe it could happen to me. But now my new queen wants me to restore Dark Moon Academy. It had been corrupted and run around like a prison under the old regime. Parents are refusing to send their students there. I need an ace player—someone they would trust again. Someone like the previous headmaster—Coletrane Witcher. Under the evil king, he’d been tortured for not following his rules. He’s bitter and lives as a hermit away from the Moon Kingdom. He doesn’t want anything to do with the Academy. But defeat isn’t in my vocabulary. I’ll find a way to convince him to come back, even if he doesn’t remember me. But I remember him. He was the hottest professor at Dark Moon Academy. Every time I saw him I’d turn into a bumbling mess and couldn’t speak a single coherent sentence. And to make matters worse, my wolf recognizes his scent. She’s pushing against me, claiming he’s our fated mate. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle for me to bring back the grumpy headmaster and restore Dark Moon Academy. As long as I don’t fall head over heels for the headmaster, I can this make work. Someone just needs to tell my wolf. 

What’s a girl to do when her hot hookup turns out to be her ticket to the top? My first A-list party was so exciting and that was before I laid eyes on James. The connection was instant and electric—and our “after-party” was the hottest night I’ve ever had. But when my brother is just about to bankroll La-La Land’s biggest new film and wants me to work with Tinseltown’s hottest director, Oliver Blackwood, it’s easy to get distracted. Guess what? Oliver turns out to be my hot hookup “James” and that’s when my Hollywood dream becomes a nightmare. Okay, he’s still hot but his ego is playing third-wheel. Plus, he’s carrying more baggage than his Key Grip. Oliver is committed to one thing—work, and although, my career is everything, one day I want more. Hollywood has taught me one lesson: don’t fall for your hookup. But why can’t I get Oliver out of my mind? And, if I’m honest, out of my heart?

A spoiled princess who’s missing direction… A beautiful man who’s lost his soul… Together they’ll find a love that will save them both. Sybil: When my best friend disappears, I know the Volkov family is to blame. Her parents and the police offer no help so I do the only thing I can; go straight to Boris Volkov, the leader of the most dangerous Bratva in New York. He’s ruthless and cunning. Death follows him like a trail of macabre breadcrumbs. If I was smarter, I would have stayed away. But I’ve always been more concerned with loyalty than brains. Boris: Sybil Sheridan was born with a silver spoon in her beautiful little mouth, and it only takes her ten minutes to turn my world upside down. She revives my cold, dead heart and makes me believe she can redeem my dark soul. She wants my help, but she’ll pay a price. I need her near me—time to claim her, teach her, breed her and make her completely mine.

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