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Getting kidnapped on the most important day of her career was not on Dr Britt Harmony’s bingo card. Neither was discovering that the fairytales her late father spun were true. A goddess-witch. A shape shifting prince of the highlands. Gods and monsters. All of it. True. What she’d spent her life denying, and masking from others, has become a reality. And try as she might, she’s unable to escape the handsome highlander who sets her body on fire. If you knew your destiny would send you on the adventure of a lifetime but one misstep would either land you in the arms of a Duke of Hell or in the talons of a dragon shifter who claims he’s your fated mate would you ever set foot in Scotland? Does she even have a choice? In Quinn Smythe’s millennia long life, he never allowed himself to believe that the prophecy he and his brothers were saddled with by The Fates was real. After all, his parents had a flare for drama and control. But when their Goddess mother, who has never respected boundaries, pops in at the absolute wrong time, and their absent otherworld sire decides it’s time to reconnect in the middle of a battle with the demon threatening not only Britt but all of their mates in his quest to take over mankind, will Quinn and his brethren accept their mates and fulfill their destiny?

Falling for my billionaire boss was not on today’s to-do list! I’m Zoe Daniels, your not-so-average barista with a knack for whipping up the best coffee in Pebble Point. But my peaceful small-town life gets a latte more complicated when Caleb Masters, my high school nemesis turned billionaire boss, buys the café and becomes my landlord. And when he swoops in with his grand plans to convert my cozy coffee shop to a sleek, soulless franchise, it’s not just the coffee beans being roasted—it’s every nostalgic nook of my life. And let’s not forget the close quarters of our small town, where avoiding him is as hard as resisting his infuriating charm. Did I mention he’s also my brother’s best friend? Yeah, things just got a whole lot more complicated. There’s a fine line between love and latte, and Caleb Masters is the caramel drizzle to my perfect cup—unexpected and sweet, but sticky and complicated. Can I keep Pebble’s Brew from becoming just another item on his balance sheet, or will our story be the daily special in the café of love?

Daddy says never fall for a Firefighter. “But Daddy, what about 3 Firefighters?” Thomas is Daddy’s silver fox best friend and definitely off-limits. Adam is a dirty tattooed bad boy and a literal pain in my a$$. And Ethan just wants to protect me and dominate me all night. So when my stalker comes calling, my 3 off-limits studs step in to rescue little ol me. They’ll do anything to protect me. Like, teach me how to hold their big thick hoses… Let me slide all the way down their large firehouse poles… It’s all fun and games unless Daddy finds out. “Daddy… I’m pregnant.” “By who?” “Well…”

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