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He could ruin her in the eyes of the ton. She could save him from a life of solitude. Back on the London marriage mart at almost twenty-six and with no dowry, Laura Peyton holds little hope that a gentleman will want her for herself, when most seek affairs or youthful wives. When her brother makes a financial agreement with the Earl of Debnam to save his estate, Laura’s reputation may be ruined once and for all. She finds herself staying at the estate of the rake the ton call “the Phantom Earl,” where she is expected to fulfill his wishes for a month-long affair. But she begins to suspect Lord Debnam is not simply the outrageous rake who danced with her in London. The mystery surrounding the elusive earl makes her determined to stay long enough to discover why he is the way he is. The more the attraction between them grows to fever pitch, the greater her need to get close to his true self. Because of a family tragedy, Brendan Cowper, Earl of Debnam, is determined never to marry. In London, he indulges in unfulfilling short-lived affairs, but deep down, he longs for a woman’s softness and her understanding. Is love always to remain beyond his reach? Brendan wants Laura Peyton in his bed but now regrets placing Laura, whose natural charm and honesty have maneuvered a way into his reluctant heart, in danger of far more than scandal.  

When magic and love collide, can three wishes make their dreams come true? Julian DiConti resents his miraculous abilities. Bound to a djinn bottle for the last 600 years, the wish granter has seen countless people pass up the opportunity to truly do some good. And with little hope of ever being freed for a normal life, he’s stunned when he meets a gorgeous, empathic woman who ignites a long-lost feeling within. Alessandra Taylor is desperate to see a better world. Born into a cold family, the kind spirit focuses her energy on volunteer work with hospice care and the women’s shelter. But when the mysterious, handsome man from the hospital disappears right before their date, she’s shocked when he emerges from a perfume bottle promising a trio of life-changing wishes. As Julian falls for the beautiful breath of fresh air, he’s certain their relationship will never flourish while he’s trapped in his supernatural status. And as Alessandra struggles to discover the key to unlocking the alluring man’s spellbinding prison, unforeseen tragedies keep eating up her precious wishes. Can they pull the stopper permanently and step into the happily ever after they deserve? 

I’m breaking all the Rules, Falling for My Brother’s Best Friend. I’m a kindergarten teacher, all about the simple joys. My big-shot brother basks in the limelight as a major league baseball player. The glamorous life isn’t quite my style. Colton Thompson, my brother’s billionaire best friend and my childhood crush, suddenly comes back into my life. He is the embodiment of seductive charm. Rugged charisma – sun-kissed hair, piercing blue eyes and physique that exudes power. Colton is the ultimate temptation. My brother warns me to stay away, he’s known to be quite the playboy. But beneath the tough exterior lies a softer side—especially when it comes to his greatest joy, his five-year-old daughter, Emmy. This romance is off limits, all hell will break loose if my overprotective big brother finds out I have the hots for Colton. This good girl school teacher is about to let her wild side out.

My organized life unravels when my best friend’s brother waltzes back in. I turn every bride’s dream wedding into a reality. Years ago, my dream was tied to him. But Max left to pursue his music career and never looked back. Now, our careers overlap and I‘m stuck with him working on a destination wedding. Being around him reminds me of why I fell for him all those years ago. He brings joy and spontaneity back into my life. Each moment together makes my heart race. Just when my heart is opening to him, Max receives the offer of a lifetime. He left me once to follow his dream. If he leaves again, I will never recover. Will he stay for this long-awaited second chance?

When my best friend called me, asking me to visit him and meet his boyfriend, it was the last thing I wanted to do, but it was Mason. I would do anything for him. I always have. Mason Spence has always been one of the nicest guys I’ve known. An unfortunate incident in high school turned us from teammates to best friends and the rest is history. We were inseparable. We’ve seen each other through everything from getting our dream jobs to failed relationships. When I showed up and met his boyfriend, I was less than impressed. It only took one dinner to realize that Mason deserved better than his new guy. He deserved someone who would always take care of his heart and not make him feel less than the amazing person he is. He deserved someone… like me.

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