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He’s out for revenge, but she might prove too hot for him to handle. Miss Primrose needs to be punished. A member of the wicked Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum, where the most indecent pleasures are indulged, Miss Primrose—or Mistress Primrose, as she prefers—left Nicholas Edelton a shell of a man. Now his older brother, Spencer Edelton, the Marquess of Carey, intends to provide her a set-down she will never forget. Weary from exacting her revenge upon the man who assaulted her sister, Beatrice Primrose has had her fill of men of privilege and presumption, but she accepts a fateful invitation from a handsome nobleman to spend a sennight at his estate for a grand sum of money. She soon learns, however, that she will not get to reprise her role as Mistress. To her horror, she finds his lordship expects her to submit to him! But Beatrice won’t give in so easily. In a clash of wills, fueled by vengeance and desire, Lord Carey and Miss Primrose wrestle for dominance in, and out of, the bedchamber. Their biggest struggle, however, may be against their own passions… Can Miss Primrose take what she dishes? And will Lord Carey succumb or succeed with her punishment? 

It’s not every day the woman who broke your heart asks to be your wife. Life is good. I’m single. I’m an emergency room doctor. And according to my hookups, I’m hot AF. Then she walks back into my life. I haven’t seen Mazzy Pembrooke since the night she betrayed me. So when she comes into my work asking me to make good on a childhood pact and marry her, I’m speechless. She’s the last woman I’d want to marry—even if it’s pretend and with a definitive end date. But after I find myself in a sticky situation at work, marrying Mazzy might just benefit me too. Once we’re living as husband and wife under the same roof though, I struggle to remember that I hate this woman and the fake marriage doesn’t feel so fake anymore.

Ruby Barclay knows she isn’t marrying for love. Love was never the plan. After losing her parents at the age of sixteen and fighting the state for guardianship of her siblings, Ruby is a pragmatist, not a romantic. And Wesley Landry, a fellow surgeon, is her best option for a safe and stable future. That is until she catches him with the florist’s assistant moments before their wedding ceremony. For five years now, Ethan Shuff has watched the love of his life plan her future with another man, a man not even close to worthy of her. Ethan had helped Ruby fight for her siblings. He’d driven her back and forth to med school, then to her residency. He’d only held off on telling her his feelings because she was so determined to have the perfect life, a life he wasn’t sure he could give her as a cowboy working with underprivileged kids on the side. He’d only come to her wedding to close that unrequited chapter of his life for good. But perhaps it wasn’t as unrequited as he thought. Because when Ruby falls into his arms for comfort at the church after Wesley’s betrayal, they both feel something. He can see it in her eyes. So, when she begs him to whisk her away from the wedding on his motorcycle, Ethan is more than happy to oblige. And even as Ruby tries to convince herself she feels nothing for Ethan but friendship, her repeated dreams of him kissing her say otherwise. 

Step into The Sweet Pepper, where friendship is on the menu. A mischievous raccoon isn’t the only surprise in our cozy small town. When Ryan makes an unexpected return uur friendship takes on an unfamiliar melody. And the way he’s looking at me? Let’s just say the kitchen isn’t the only thing on fire. With laughter filling the air, and lingering stares that could make even the raccoon blush. We’re dancing on the edge of uncertainty. Of course, I know better than to cross that line with my childhood best friend. But when my dad offers him a gig at our family restaurant, Ryan takes center stage, revealing a side of him I never quite knew. And as backstage talks and stormy nights leave us both questioning the unspoken. I’m left wondering if our friendship can withstand the storm.

I’m different than the other vampire girls here—something that almost cost me my life last year. I’m more powerful, more unpredictable, a true rebel. Breaking the rules has become second nature to me. I want women to have the same rights as men…to be able to choose our fated mates. That’s something my abusive father can’t tolerate. I’m constantly playing a deadly game of chess with him. He’s become more dangerous as if he’s afraid of me. His attitude towards me has grown darker. I know he’s hiding something, a secret that could hurt me… Someone tried to force me to break my vow and go dark side, unleashing a hunger that I can’t control, threatening everyone I love. There’s an evil force circling me and if I’m not careful it will be checkmate. I’m torn between two vampires—one’s a prince and the other an outlaw. My father wants me to choose the prince so he’ll be one step closer to the throne. The prince could make all my dreams of women becoming equal come true. But there’s the vampire outlaw, someone who he’s always been there when I needed him the most and could take me away from the scary world I know and give me what I want most—freedom. Both of them risked their lives to save me. I know one of them is my fated mate, but for some reason, I can’t see clearly. Something or someone is blocking (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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