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I never thought I’d fall for Kyle Carmichael, my Best Friend’s brother! He’s also my dad’s new business partner and co-owner to the Firebirds NBA team. He’s infuriating; his arrogance is as infamous as his fortune, but I’m not impressed by his Billions. An unexpected kiss rekindles my secret, youthful crush. But the next day, his icy dismissal leaves me seething. Now, we’re forced to work together, our every encounter crackling with tension and unspoken desire! His damaged, bad-boy vibe keeps me awake at night. Falling for Kyle, it’s risky, but will it be worth it?

Twinkling Lights and Silent Nights… Christmas Spirit is in the air, but not for Cole Corrigan… After a career-ending injury, he hides in the festive town of Lustre Lake, accepting a job with their elite search and rescue team. The problem? He stretched the truth about his qualifications, and now other members are getting suspicious. When a sudden blizzard blankets the area, Cole seizes the chance to prove himself. However, his plans are thwarted when he’s unexpectedly snowed in. With her. The key to his revenge. Seeking refuge from the shambles of her life, Sloane arrives at her vacation rental only to find herself trapped with a man she despises. But, even as they push each other’s buttons, passion ignites in the secluded cabin—consequences be damned. And there will be consequences. Because, once his deceit is revealed, even a holiday miracle may not be enough to save their Happily Ever, Forever.

The Plan: A quiet winter holiday alone. The Sudden Reality: A giant family Christmas with my fake boyfriend – a sexy, wealthy, older man who cares for me like I’m actually his. Sadie: Holidays aren’t usually a huge deal to orphans. I intended to get ahead of work, and win back my boss’s approval. Then Josh appeared. A gorgeous older man who seems instantly protective of me. Every simple touch of those huge hands makes my heart race, leaving me wanting much more. It’s what I’ve always craved… the feeling of belonging with someone. If my rags to riches, instant relationship, huge borrowed family adventure might only last a week, I’m going to try to throw myself all in. Mind, soul, and especially… body. Josh: A date for Christmas week would solve everything… yet I can’t believe this beautiful innocent angel agreed to come home with me. She has no idea how talented and special she is. Taking her to Holly Valley as a buffer from my overzealous family might be selfish. Yet I need to see Sadie’s bright eyes glow when she sees the snow, the lights, and the massive town tree. When she has her first traditional Christmas. I won’t stick to the unspoken rule, and try to keep our relationship fake. I’m already positive that we belong together.

Tall, dark, startlingly handsome, and over ten years older… My new boss was a giant, sexy distraction. No wonder I panicked during the job interview, babbling about how a quiet holiday was the best I could hope for. That obviously wasn’t going to happen now. Tristan was caught up in every trifling detail, keeping me on my toes, yet exciting me. I’d never craved someone’s touch. Never felt true desire, or wanted someone to make me feel special. That was precisely what he did, surprising me at a friend’s holiday party. His sweetness was the cherry (well, raspberries) on top of a festive season that was even more layered than my favorite holiday dessert. But like the whipped cream and pudding, I can’t expect perfection to last for long.

Wealthy. Powerful. Untouchable. Three Off-Limits, Alphas are helplessly captivated by women who embody temptation itself. Every story defies the rules—sparking from forbidden fake marriages to intoxicating age-gaps. Indulge in these stand-alone stories where the most off-limits men meet their match, and love conquers all.

Book 1: The Silver Fox Experiment: A billionaire bad boy wasn’t on my evening’s agenda, especially once I realized he’s my dad’s best friend. But then, one mis-step, and the Mayor’s cameras turned our private moment into public fodder. Ryan’s willing to sacrifice everything – our secret, his honor – all to protect me. He swore he never wanted kids, but the secret I’ve kept is about to test that resolve. The surprise of a four-year-old could just be the key to thawing this grumpy silver fox’s heart. 

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Where there’s demons, there’s bound to be demon hunters and in Brooklyn there’s no shortage of either. Jasper Craig is a hunter at New York’s secret St. James Academy, and he’s one of the best. With superior strength, agility, and a handy ability to sense demonic energy, it’s like he was born for the job. Since he was orphaned at a young age, his parents took the secret of what, exactly, he is to their graves. And if his adoptive father knows, he’s not telling. Crimson Apocalypse is one of New York’s oldest residents and the only known werespider in the north eastern United States. He’s the sort of guy who lives as fast as he talks and talks as fast as he drives, and if Jasper wants to get closer to the werespider he’s going to have to keep up. But getting closer might be dangerous in more ways than one and what Jasper learns may not be what he expects.

I broke nanny rule number one: don’t fall for your best friend. Jace has been my best friend forever. I left town after high school but stayed in contact. It’s been ten years, and time has been good to him. I didn’t expect to become a nanny for Jace, but he needed help, and I needed a place to stay. Seeing him with his little girl awakened something in me. I shouldn’t have fantasized about my best friend, but I couldn’t stop. His rugged charm and piercing blue eyes are impossible to resist. What starts as a practical arrangement turns into a steamy showdown. One stolen kiss changed everything. By day, he takes care of the ranch, and at night, he takes care of me. But this could all go so wrong. We must stop before we lose everything.

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