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I’m broken. Rejected. Love was never in the cards for me. All the millions in my bank account can’t make up for the void inside me. I’ve found solace in steamy encounters between cold sheets. And countless bottles of whiskey. Until Ally rescued me. Literally. She saved me from a mob of too-eager fans. Now I’m hooked on her bright smile and gentle soul. Yet her heart is just as battered as mine. She deserves much more than I can give her. I should walk away. I should let her go. Except, I’m a selfish billionaire. So I offer her one night of wild passion believing that is all I need. But after a taste of her sweetness, I crave more. Even if it means ruining both our careers. I always get what I want. And I want Ally.

Aiden Cross is my dad’s best friend. And he just became my boss. He’s so off limits it isn’t even funny. But I’m not laughing. I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember. He’s always been my dad’s best friend, and now he’s a handsome, hot shot marketing CEO. Dominating a business I’m just starting out in, and dominating my every thought. I never thought I had a shot with him, but the way he looks at me lately makes me wonder. I know he thinks he’d be double crossing my dad, but we can’t keep deceiving ourselves. Even if giving in means we burn every bridge, I want him and he wants me, and we can’t deny it much longer. I never should have let myself get this close to the fire, but now that I’m here, I can’t help it. I want to get burned.

All I want for Christmas is to go back to how my life was before. Before the trip to Las Vegas. Before the viral interview where my career imploded. Before I became the face of a women’s empowerment movement across the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love how women are #claimingtheircoal after I declared that sometimes being a little bad is good, but I didn’t realize in doing that I would become the paparazzi’s new favorite target. I went from The Nice List to The Naughty List overnight, and I can’t take it anymore. So I do the only thing I can do. I run away. What I wasn’t expecting under my tree this year was an unlikely sidekick. With his strong jawline, sweet demeanor, and sexy Southern drawl, Trent Rudolph is making me feel like I’m living in one of my Christmas movies. But real life isn’t a movie. Especially one with a guaranteed happily ever after. Soon, the Christmas magic runs out, and we have to face the truth. I can’t hide from my reality forever. But will Trent’s arms be there to catch me when I finally stop running? 

I never thought I’d fall for Kyle Carmichael, my Best Friend’s brother! He’s also my dad’s new business partner and co-owner to the Firebirds NBA team. He’s infuriating; his arrogance is as infamous as his fortune, but I’m not impressed by his Billions. An unexpected kiss rekindles my secret, youthful crush. But the next day, his icy dismissal leaves me seething. Now, we’re forced to work together, our every encounter crackling with tension and unspoken desire! His damaged, bad-boy vibe keeps me awake at night. Falling for Kyle, it’s risky, but will it be worth it?

An undercover journalist risks blowing her cover when she lands in the hands of a hot international billionaire. To expose a secret sex trafficking ring, journalist Kimani Taylor goes undercover and is auctioned off to a creep. A stunning billionaire buys her off the jerk, but is he really her knight in shining armor? One look at her and billionaire Benjamin Lee knows he wants Kimani Taylor. Despite—or maybe because of—the defiance in her eyes telling him he can shove it. But Ben doesn’t back down from challenges. He knows just how to make her want him. Bad. When Ben turns up the heat, Kimani risks compromising the scoop she needs to bring the criminals to justice and land her dream job with a major newspaper. Can she resist him long enough to get her scoop before he discovers her secret? Or will she succumb and let passion ruin everything?

Since seventh grade, my heart hasn’t been mine to give away. Dominique “Nikki” Sloane has been my best friend since second grade. I was the Man of Honor at her wedding—despite my lack of fondness for the groom—and I’m godfather to her twin daughters. The problem? I, Aiden Carlisle, do hereby avow and affirm that I love my married best friend. That way. Not like a friend. Yes, I’m engaged—to someone else—and yes, there’s a lot of history in the way. Not to mention the secrets—his, hers, mine, ours, theirs—and my fear of trying, failing, and losing her forever. As I head home to comfort Nikki as her marriage falls apart, I’m not kidding myself, believe me. This won’t be easy. Nikki Sloane and Chris Hawthorne have been together since eighth grade. They were the “it” couple in high school, Prom Queen and King, the works. I never had a shot until now, but I know the time isn’t yet right to tell her how I feel. The question is, will the time ever be right? Can Nikki finally look past the man she’s been with for twenty years, to see the man who’s loved her longer and harder, the man desperate to give her all the love she truly deserves? 

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