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I had a feeling this was the year I’d finally fall in love—I just didn’t know it would be with the grumpy, grinchy single dad who takes over running the Pineville Christmas tree farm. Mazie: I’ve never been worried about not finding “the one.” I’ve always believed I’d recognize him the moment I see him, so as my friends got married, I continued to build my pop-up gift business until he shows up. Now at 35, I’ve checked off two of my top three goals: purchasing my first house and opening a storefront. And I’m confident the third one will happen just in time for the holiday season. But first, I’m committed to one more pop-up at the tree farm. He’d given me my first shot ten years ago, and I would not let the aging owner down. Only this year Sheridan’s son is running the farm and I literally run into him on the first day. Not a great way to make a first impression, but oh, what an impression he made on me. Walker: I never wanted what my cantankerous old man spent more time working on than with his family, so when he leaves me his tree farm, I scramble to make it work until I can find a buyer and fast. Christmas is my least favorite time of the year and I only tolerate it for my young son. Now, I just have to get through the next four weeks of non-stop (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Torn between two lovers on a pretty but deadly island, London King must survive the ravages of the wilderness and a battle for her heart. My first day at New Ocean Prep was supposed to be a fresh start. A chance to return to my hometown—leaving my ruined life behind me. My goal is simple. Keep my grades up, my head down, and focus on securing my spot in a top journalism program. My past catches up with me as I’m drawn towards the two hottest hockey players in school. A trip to a national hockey tournament in Alaska has me investigating the truth behind what happened to a girl they tormented and killed two summers earlier. This story has more layers than I imagined. The deeper I enter their world, the stronger our bonds become until I can’t tell whose side I’m really on.

A hot wildlife veterinarian who’s as prickly as a porcupine. A hotel concierge who just wants to keep everybody happy. And the twin switch that will force them together for a week of hilarious chaos and slow-burn chemistry. Ambitious London hotel concierge, Becca Stratton, has put her people-pleasing superpower to good use, building a career that has her on the fast-track to hospitality greatness. But her powers are put to the test when she’s called home to South Africa to step into her identical twin’s uber-glam stilettos…literally. All she has to do is masquerade as TV presenter Gem for seven days, rehabbing her sister’s celebrity image after a social media disaster. Seven days doing community service at a rustic wildlife sanctuary to save her twin’s career? Easy. Except that Becca’s powers have deserted her, and instead of repairing the damage, she’s now the one causing it…right in front of the sanctuary’s surly, smug, and far too attractive head vet, Dr Sullivan Scott, who gets a huge kick out of watching ‘Gem’ fail. As one hilarious disaster follows the next and the sparks ignite between Becca and Sully, she’s forced to choose between risking her twin’s career, or continuing to lie to the man she’s falling for. 

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