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A newly elected mayor bubbling with holiday spirit and the sarcastic cowboy determined to put a dent in her optimism in this opposites-attract romance! Mayor Heavenly Remington decides that this is the year every child in Heart Lake will receive a Christmas gift, no matter how much budget finagling and additional fundraising it takes. Weary of town officials making promises they can’t keep, cowboy farmer Wes Hawling taunts his fellow citizens into flooding her children’s charity project with prank requests — each one more absurd than the last. Instead of giving up like he expects, she doubles down on her efforts to hunt down every gift on the wish lists of her youngest constituents by Christmas Eve. When a threat to the town forces him to become her grudging accomplice for a few days, he is shocked to discover how close she is to meeting her goal. The fact that he finds himself secretly cheering her on might just be the biggest Christmas miracle of all!

What do you do when your childhood friends grow up to become your wildest fantasies? When I was a kid, Kai, Gage, and Thorn were my best friends … until I moved away. Fifteen years later, I’m back in Vegas, and our surprise reunion has me reeling. They’re men now—huge, muscular, hot-as-Sin-City beasts. And they all want me. I thought my stable, boring ex-boyfriend was what I needed. But this untamed trio from my past tempt me to take a walk on the wild side. Their massive bodies are works of art in more ways than one, and I’m hungry to touch them … everywhere. There’s turbulent, impulsive Kai, the rough spark to my kindling, who ignites me with a look, a word, a touch. His best friend, Gage, whose deceptively calm demeanor masks a potent mix of dominance and tenderness. And Thorn, Kai’s younger brother, whose mischievous charisma is matched only by the fierceness of his carnal appetite. They’re irresistible … but no longer the boys I once trusted. Two of them are in-demand tattoo artists and the other is a hotshot chef. They have their own groupies, and change women as easily as t-shirts. If I let them in, they’ll ruin me, and break my heart in the process. But I don’t think I can stand to live the rest of my life not knowing the men they’ve become. 

Older brothers are the worst. Older brother’s best friends, however, are the BEST. Except when they don’t seem to return your feelings… My crush on my brother’s best friend, Mason, has grown into something totally unmanageable over the years. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not a crush at all, but something bigger I’d rather not name. And while I know Mason cares about me, I don’t think he cares the way I WISH he would. That is, unless my overbearing and uber protective brother has been standing in the way. When Mason and I find ourselves sharing my brother’s loft while he’s gone, the dynamics start to shift. Sharing a space with your (possibly) unrequited crush is its own special kind of challenge. But just maybe while the cat (aka my brother) is away, the mice (aka Mason and me) will finally get a chance to play???

The lost sister, Aubrey, returns home after seven years, while Maria grapples with life as a single mom. Scarred by a painful divorce, Maria’s best friend, Colt, supports her. There’s an undeniable pull between them, but Maria’s shattered trust complicates things. Aubrey shows up, crashing Maria’s birthday party. The reunion is thick with tension and old scores. Aubrey demands her share of their childhood home. Why? Because she’s flat-broke! Aubrey’s history of poor choices haunts her. Her heart is broken, but she hides it behind her feisty attitude. James, a kind man renting part of their home, helps her. Despite Aubrey’s defensive walls, their contrasting personalities spark chemistry and conflict. Will James be the key to her healing? Meanwhile, Colt faces a life-altering decision. Will his love for Maria gently dawn on her? Or will she ultimately break his heart?

There is no space in my life for a roommate; even if she is sexiest thing I have ever set eyes on. I’m a hockey superstar, trying to live a quiet life in a secluded place in Nashville. Then boom! Jenny Hudson storms into my world claiming the condo assigned to me. She has no place to go, so she ends up in my bed. She’s a loud and feisty country singer. I’m a low-key athlete who likes things in order. People assume we are a couple, and it becomes the hottest gossip in town. Jenny has a plan: ride the media wave to get what we want out of it. Her career will skyrocket, and the puck bunnies will leave me alone. As the stories of our relationship heat up, so do things in our secluded condo. An intense fight leads to the release of pent-up sexual tensions. Desire overcomes us and I ravage her body in ways I never knew possible. Jenny is the opposite of everything I am, but I know that I am falling in love with her. Even though I’m falling hard for her, I don’t know if there is room in my quiet, secluded life for the energy and attention Jenny Hudson will bring. 

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