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I can not keep my hands off my dad’s silver fox best friend. Noah shook my world with his rock hard abs and impressive board member. I ran away with a surprise gift, our daughter. Now my dad wants me to work with Noah again. I have three weeks to create magic in a bottle. His condescending behavior drives me crazy. I don’t know if I want to strangle him or rip his clothes off. Our daughter deserves a father and I wouldn’t mind a little mommy/daddy time. We’re working when the building loses power and we’re trapped for the weekend. His hands are on my body in an instant. I should walk away, but…. Damn he knows just how to turn me on. The power comes back on and reality crashes over me. I want this man, but my dad will kill Noah when he finds out.

How long can undercover journalist Kimani Taylor continue her charade before billionaire Benjamin Lee’s seduction breaks down her resistance? Ben has made it clear he doesn’t like lies, and he knows that she’s hiding something. Not only is he going to figure out what she’s up to, he’s going to do it by turning up the heat between them. The more time Kimani spends with Ben, the more she risks compromising the scoop she needs to land her dream job with The San Francisco Tribune. But resisting Ben is so very difficult when her body wants to be his to ravage…

He blew it with her once. He’s not about to let that happen again… Cort Bellamy never wanted to go back to his hometown. That place held way too many bad memories. But his father needed help on the family ranch, and staying away was impossible. He was ready for the hard work. But nothing could’ve prepared him for seeing her again—or for just how far he’d be willing to go to win her back … Joss Ellis has no interest in returning to small town life, either. But her big city dreams fell apart in a big way, and she’s out of options. Seeing her sexy-as-hell ex all over town is just icing on the cake. She can’t let herself fall for him. Her life is disastrous enough as it is. The last thing she needs is for him to break her heart. Again. Second chances don’t come easy—and they don’t come cheap. Is the cost of happily ever after more than Cort and Joss are willing to pay?

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