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Mr. Darcy didn’t visit Mr. Bingley at Netherfield…and everything changed… As pressing business keeps him in town, Mr. Darcy turns down Mr. Bingley’s invitation to join him at Netherfield and attend the Meryton assembly. Thinking it a choice of little consequence, he is surprised when he next hears from Mr Bingley…in a letter asking him to attend his wedding to a young lady of little fortune by the name of Miss Jane Bennet! Only one thing could mar Elizabeth Bennet’s joy in her sister’s wedding – the sour and unpleasant comments on her family that she overhears from Mr. Bingley’s closest friend! Handsome and rich as Mr. Darcy is, she is sure nothing could make up for his overweening pride. But when Elizabeth needs an excuse to redirect Mr. Collin’s proposals from herself to a more willing bride without causing him to take offense and withdraw entirely, she’s seized by a mischievous spirit and finds an excuse in Mr Darcy himself – the man Mr. Collins has shown an exaggerated respect for, and the last man she would ever marry! There’s only one problem: Elizabeth has failed to account for Mr Collin’s lack of discretion, Lady Catherine de Burgh’s insolence and family pride, and Mr. Darcy’s hidden but very real tender feelings for her… 

Sometimes, all a second chance needs is a little Christmas magic. Meg: Moving back to my small town home of Seashell Cove after my second failed marriage, I vowed to live life on my terms. That is, until my high school love turned billionaire CEO hires me to photograph his high-profile Christmas gala…and turns my world upside down. I try resisting the simmering attraction between us, but his smoldering gaze stirs up long-buried feelings. Beneath his cool and grumpy facade, I find a caring, artistic man who challenges me in all the best ways. Before I know it, I’m falling for him all over again. Now I’m torn between playing it safe and risking it all on a passion too intense to ignore. Ryker: She blew back into my life like a hurricane, more captivating now than in high school. I knew hiring her would be risky, but I was in a bind and couldn’t help myself. Grown-up Meg is like catnip. Creative, confident, sexy as hell. I can’t stay away. Despite the pull between us, I am determined to keep our arrangement strictly business. At least until shared laughs and heated arguments draw us closer, forcing me to think maybe love deserves a second chance. As waves crash and festive lights twinkle, what starts as a business proposition (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

My best friend is back in town—and I refuse to let my pesky attraction to him ruin our friendship. Tripp Sharpe and I have been best friends since middle school. And when he moved away to go to medical school and become a doctor? We’ve kept up by texting, phone calls, and every funny reel we come across. I have one simple rule for myself: protect our friendship at all costs—even from myself. But when Tripp moves back to town, I can’t ignore the attraction I feel. If it were anyone else, I’d just avoid him. But it’s hard to avoid a guy who thinks we’re still the same ol’ besties we’ve always been. Or are we? It turns out some things have changed for him too. Maybe I’m imagining the long stares, the lingering touches, or the flimsy excuses to spend time together, despite his ridiculous schedule. And when Tripp asks me to show him how I like to kiss? It seems like I’m not the only one blasting through our friendship rules…

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