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When Pressman’s Christmas Tree Farm goes up in flames only weeks before Christmas, Stuart seeks help from his insurance agent. However, he wasn’t expecting her to be a female version of Scrooge. Allison doesn’t like Christmas and could care less about the upset man in front of her, handsome or not. Fresh trees are wasteful, bad for the environment, and what kind of grownup makes his living in selling Christmas cheer? Other than giving the minimum payout, she doesn’t have any personal interest in the case. To be honest, she hates Christmas. It’s filled with nothing but bad memories. Stuart is praying for a miracle. Allison just wants to put the whole season behind her. Then she discovers some of the reasons Stuart is so desperate to save his farm and make it a success. Will Allison let herself get caught up in the magic of the season? Can a Christmas miracle really happen not just for him, but her too?

All it took was one look for Kye “Fox” Pearson to know that Dahlia Mackenzie was meant to be his. Then she took off with plans to head to Europe for three months, forcing him to chase her down. Being stranded by a hurricane in a safe house with only one bed was the opening he needed to claim the fiery redhead. Unfortunately, someone was out for revenge against the club president…and his woman ended up being in the line of fire.

He’s saved hundreds of hearts – but is he ready to lose his? A grumpy doctor. A wicked blizzard. And only one bed in sight. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? I never expected to find myself trekking through a blizzard… All to deliver “vital documents” to the elusive Dr. Grump’s remote cabin. When I finally arrive I find a smoldering man, a decade younger – with the petulance of an old grouch! Now I’m snowed in with the handsome man child, in a tiny one-bedroom cottage in the middle of nowhere. But unlike the below freezing weather, his icy stare starts to melt. And we no longer need to keep the fireplace running to stay warm.

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