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The hot nerdy science teacher taught me a thing about chemistry. A steamy one-night with my sexy co-teacher wasn’t how I planned to start my new job. Super awkward, especially since we were at each other’s throats minutes before. We went our sated, separate ways. That’s perfect for me because I’ve sworn off relationships. And yet… He’s this quirky, brainy type, which is my kryptonite. How he keeps his distance is infuriating. The worst—or best—is when I see him with his adorable son. I’m smitten. Just as I start to believe we may have a future, his complicated past becomes a roadblock. This hot, grumpy nerd has the power to wreak me. I’m willing to make the quantum leap. The question is, will he?

What happens when you throw a grumpy cowboy boss into the same holiday grill master contest as the girl who got away? Brady McGrath can’t believe his rotten luck in getting paired off with his ex-girlfriend for the town’s biggest Christmas charity fundraiser. But those are the rules: Random partner assignments and no swapping. It doesn’t help that she’s also applying for a job at the ranch he runs, which means he’s about to become her boss. Their first attempt at dating was an epic failure, so he’s not about to repeat that mistake. If only if she’d take her sunshiny personality to some other ranch in town — literally any other ranch, he might be able to stop secretly falling for her again. Not that he was ever completely over her in the first place…

While working undercover for the FBI, I fall for my brother’s former girlfriend. Usually I’m all business, but now I’m crossing every line. With her sultry eyes and luscious curves, Amber tempts me like a siren. She is repeating junior year at Stanford, struggling after a traumatic loss. It makes sense that she is wary of opening her heart again. I’ve always been a one and done type of guy. But with Amber, I’m a junkie, only alive when I consume her essence. Her velvety lips and sweet taste feed my addiction. I’m a bastard who continues to bed her while she is part of my investigation. She thinks I’m just a wealthy grad student. Her safety depends on believing that lie. But when this case is solved, and my secrets are revealed, She’ll soon realize how much I betrayed her. It will destroy me when I see the love in her eyes turn to hatred.

Ice hockey has been my life for as long as I can remember. My goal was to play smart and hard, get into the NHL, and set up my dream path. Once I fulfilled my goal, women flocked to me. Being a big sports star gets you anything, anytime but it gets old fast. Add in a pushy, overbearing asshole of a father, and society driven stepmother, and my personal life becomes hell. Until I see her. Being held back by sponsors for a team photoshoot, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen steps into my hotel room. We click, but she is guarded. I have now made it my mission to make her mine. Meeting her has just become the ultimate win.

My brother’s enemy is the epitome of a wet dream. Risking it all, I make a deal with the devil- one night together so that we both get what we want. This is out of character for me but I’m a good girl turned bad. After a sizzling night with the blue-eyed CEO, I try to move on, but Mr. Jealous can’t stand seeing me with anyone else. Guilt hits hard for keeping this secret from my brother but one night with his enemy just isn’t enough. Things get more complicated when he wants me to pretend to be his fiancé for a business deal. My family’s in deep financial trouble, so how can I say no? Just when I think it can’t get worse, I find out I’m pregnant. What’s my older brother going to do when he finds out the father is his former best friend?

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