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Modern British society can’t handle me. An American girl capturing the heart of hot billionaire Duke of Lancaster. Twenty years separate us in age, but that isn’t enough to keep us away from each other. I’m a college student studying a year abroad at a London University. While on stage at a school gala, I noticed Mr. Sexy staring at me most improperly. He may look the part of a distinguished aristocrat running for Parliament, but behind closed doors, he likes to be dirty in every way imaginable. Mindless pleasure runs through me when he presses his chiseled body into mine. His political colleagues say I’m too young for him. The optics look bad. I will ruin the next rising star of British politics. Under normal circumstances, I would never have crossed his path. But these aren’t normal circumstances. And I’m not your normal girlfriend. When Marcus finds out why I’m really in London, I fear I may lose his love forever.

The first time I laid eyes on Henley James, I was mesmerized. The chemistry between us was like nothing I’d ever felt. Impeccable suit, dimpled smile. He was charming and gorgeous, sophisticated and suave. He gave me his business card and asked me to call. His dating game was strong; I was gone from his first smile. I’d love to tell you our date was a raging success, but it wasn’t. Far from it. I decided right there on that day that Henley James and I would forever be mortal enemies; I would never think of him again. Three years later, I bought my dream home. I’m so excited to meet my neighbors—that is, until I do. Oh no! What are the chances? It’s him. Still single, still the hottest man alive, and still obnoxiously sarcastic. He saunters around wearing next to nothing and refuses to close the blinds at night. I will not let myself think of him at all costs. It could be my sanity. My temptation is a nightmare.

If I hadn’t kissed him, we’d be dead. My chance encounter with the brutally handsome mob boss and his two best friends throws me into a dark underworld I never wanted to visit. As a nurse, I’m used to healing wounds, not falling for men who cause them. But it’s too late—the powerful mafiosos are all I can think about. Cesare’s in charge, both in and out of the bedroom. Surrendering to him is a challenge, but in his arms, I discover a passion I’ve never known before. Matteo’s intense gaze burns with desire, but he’s holding something back, and I’ll do anything to learn his secrets. And then there’s Leonardo—wild, charming, and impossible to ignore. He’s the easiest to fall for, but I’m drawn to all three. They’re dangerous men, yet they make me feel safe. But as dark forces close in, I have to know—will they keep their promise to protect me even if it means breaking my heart?

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