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Christmas is about to get Wilde! All Lacey Wilde wants for Christmas is to open her long-awaited bed and breakfast. When her only guest is a sexy stranger who claims her adopted Military Working Dog is his, Lacey isn’t about to lose her fur baby—or her heart—to charming Marine veteran Dean Hunter. But the K-9 controversy is the least of their troubles. Danger lurks in the shadows of Candlelight Inn, and someone will stop at nothing to steal Lacey’s heirloom ornaments. Can wounded warrior Dean protect the woman he’s falling for against a deadly threat before this Christmas ends up being their last?

The grumpy blue alien doesn’t understand a word I say. So why do I find it so hard to resist him… and his wicked tail? Cara: I went to space looking for adventure, my job to protect the other women of the expedition. When gray aliens wake me from cryo in the middle of a bustling market, it turns out I’m what’s on sale. This sure as hell isn’t the fun I dreamed of! A blue alien with horns and a tail leaps to my rescue. We escape into the jungle, zipping through the trees on a hoverspeeder. Now this is more like it! Gravin’s as gorgeous as he is grumpy. I hope I’m not imagining the heat in his eyes, but how can I be sure when all his growls are in an unknown language? Gravin: Banished from my home world because I didn’t have a fated mate, I never expect to find her on an auction block. Or for a mob boss to make the winning bid. I fight for her. Steal her. I don’t care that she’s not Zaarn. Car-Raa is sunshine and strength and the most beautiful thing in the universe. The mating pull burns hot in me, demanding I give her my mating vow. But we need special translation tech. We dive into a heist, attempting to con the same mobsters I stole her from. When danger threatens, I’ll risk everything to save her. And to claim her as mine. 

Sander slid into the seat in front of me, I lost the ability to talk. This man is a tall glass of “thank you may I have another.” Subtlety I wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth. What did this man do for a living, wrestle bulls? I’m confident being a thicker girl, he could handle me in the sheets. His sudden deep laugh and sparkle in his eyes hinted he wasn’t like other guys. Although we just met, he checks off all my must have boxes. Ironically, I was on a blind date with his friend, he moved his feet and Sander took his seat. His compliments and mannerisms ensured me he was feeling the same connection. A night of heated passion following a morning debacle led me to walk away alone. I have zero intentions of being a stage five clinger. Reality smacks me in the face, turns out Mr. New in town, one-night stand is now my next-door neighbor…

Grumpy boss, best friend and ex boyfriend. Three people I hate most all in one place. What can go wrong – just everything. First, Ian Callihan, my boss, makes the whole office miserable. Never has a nice thing to say to anybody. No one is allowed to see him unless he commands your presence, so I’ve never met him face to face. Then I get an invitation to the wedding of my best friend to my ex-boyfriend. I can’t take it! I spill my guts to the guy at the bar. You got it, turns out to be my boss. What a nightmare! My best friend, Lara, reminds me to bring a plus one to the wedding that I don’t want to attend. Ian wants to be my plus one. A weekend cooped up with the man I hate, attending a wedding of the other two people that make me see red. This can’t end well.

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