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Needed: A nanny in time for Christmas! Cowboy Christian Danser keeps his home at the Broken Arrow Ranch just as his late wife left it: cozy and orderly. With an early winter settling in and the ranch shorthanded, he needs a nanny ASAP. Waitress Noelle Forrester finds herself unexpectedly unemployed. With Christmas approaching, she and her young son are facing eviction. An ad for a live-in nanny appears to be the answer to her problems. Until she comes face-to-face with Christian—the sexy yet irritating cowboy who cost Noelle her previous job! Christian resists hiring the beautiful woman. She’s too young, too busy, and far too tempting. Nonetheless, when his daughter takes a shine to Noelle, he reconsiders. But when Noelle’s holiday cheer conflicts with Christian’s avoidance of the holiday, sparks fly. Somehow, Noelle has to open Christian’s heart to the spirit of Christmas…or she and her son will be homeless by the New Year.

Things get steamy when an ice queen falls for a smoking hot hero. Katherine Wallace’s future was frozen in perfection, spending her life safely working for her family’s New York law firm. But when her father fires her and shatters her placidity, she runs back to the last place she was truly happy––the ski slopes of Colorado. Gabe Gallegos planned to spend his career in the military. But when that plan blew up—literally—he had to find a new mission. Renovating his late uncle’s ski lodge seemed like the perfect solution. Except he’s never managed a bed and breakfast, he can’t cook, and his first guest is completely infuriating—a total ice queen—and sexy as hell. Gabe’s partially-renovated lodge is a dumpster fire, and Katherine is one click away from flying home to New York. But an accident and a website snafu force them to remain together in extremely close quarters. Can Katherine find love with a younger man who lives thousands of miles from where she’s supposed to be? Should Gabe fight for a woman who’s likely to freeze him out? As passion thaws the ice, they have to decide if there’s enough trust to build a future together. 

He only has to keep her alive for seven days… When Savannah Carrington’s life is threatened, she refuses to be whisked to God knows where just to appease her father—the infamous leader of Sinners Syndicate. But when the owner of Backcountry Protection Services, Toth Holmes, is hired as her personal bodyguard, her choices are ripped away yet again. Her protector—make that captor—is anything but a saint. He looks at her like no other man dares, branding her with his gaze and promising to own her body if she’d let him. He’s hot and delicious but she’s not stupid enough to give into temptation. Doing so would sign his death certificate. He said no to the job. More than once. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off the devastatingly beautiful mafia princess made refusing the contract offer a no-brainer. But when Savannah’s life is at stake, Toth knows he can’t turn a blind eye. Seven days is the length of his contract, the shortest one he’s ever signed, yet the most dangerous. If she’s killed on his watch, he’ll pay in blood. Same goes if he dares to touch one silky strand on her head. As Toth battles with the desire riding between (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Pinch me—am I dreaming? Best friends to fake fiancé to a one-night stand. Steven, my billionaire club owner BFF, is a bad boy with a good heart. Modeling is my life, but it comes with the risk of having stalkers. Steven agreed to be my fake fiancé for my work, Charity Gala. Our dance floor connection sparked electric energy, igniting a scorching night in the bedroom. He resembles a sculpted Greek God and looks good enough to eat. Our one-night stand made things awkward, and busy careers kept us apart. Three months later, sickness hit, and bam, I was pregnant. I had to find a way to tell Steven; one of us might have to uproot our lives. I tried to tell him twice, but hesitations lingered. Dark clouds of secrets and misunderstandings loom over us. This secret might end our friendship and drive him away.

He was a geek but is now an enigmatic, grumpy billionaire. And a big hunk of beefcake. I can’t resist taking a bite…or two! Well, well, look who’s back in town – if it isn’t Mr. Brainiac Billionaire. Miles, the geeky tutor that I friend-zoned in high school, is now a rich tech mogul. We reunite when I cater his sister’s wedding and sparks fly faster than sugar in my industrial mixer. He’s a sure recipe for trouble that promises to turn the heat up to Super HOT! He’s grumpy and bitter, but I fall like a failed souffle when I see him being a loving father to his adorable son. When a corrupt developer threatens my business, I need someone with some clout. Richie Rich had a taste of my goodies, but will he step up and help me fight for my business?

June aka Quick Claw: I want revenge. It’s been fifteen years since a home invasion changed everything. But I’m Quick Claw now, and everything I’ve trained for has led to tonight—to making the two men who broke into my apartment suffer. That is, until my moment is stolen by Black Coyote, the city’s infamous vigilante. An error on his part, he makes me a deal—what if we help each other? Nikolai needs a female to help with undercover roles, and I need to track down my intruders again. Win-win. And while I’m still upset my original plan fails, I don’t expect the security and comfort I feel around Nikolai…or how attractive he is. I’ve spent my life working towards justice, but suddenly, revenge isn’t the only thing on my mind… Nikolai aka Black Coyote: I need to stop an arms-dealer from polluting my city. Fighting crime as Black Coyote, I lead a small team to assist in protecting the citizens of Perish. But I don’t always get it right. Because when I end up saving a woman who isn’t in danger, I discover it’s Quick Claw, the female vigilante from the news. Feeling guilty, I offer an exchange of services: my assistance for hers. At first it works, but I don’t expect (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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