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The first Christmas after Mr Darcy weds Elizabeth Bennet will be one to remember. While Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine de Bourgh do their best to cause mischief, Elizabeth plans to enjoy her first Christmas as the lady of Pemberley with beloved family and friends around her. Though Mary Bennet is glad to be one of them, she never expected that love was waiting for her at Pemberley, or indeed anywhere at all… Sweethearts and Snowflakes is a sweet standalone Pride and Prejudice Variation. It takes place after the events of Pride and Prejudice and is almost a true sequel, having been inspired by Elizabeth’s letter to Mrs Gardiner and taking only minor liberties with the epilogue. It is best enjoyed by readers in search of a clean and wholesome holiday tale that is low-angst and low-conflict. Join Mary Bennet as she discovers the joy of Christmas at Pemberley…and the astonishing power of love.

My ex’s brother is an ex-con and the monster I hope never to meet. Except he’s also the stranger who took my virginity and now, the father of my baby. The billionaire sponsor of the event I’m catering for turns out to be the same man who rocked my world a lifetime ago. Alex. Although the hard-core tattoos are a new addition, those scorching eyes are the same. They hold dangerous secrets, but they’re also calling me back to bed. But this time, I want answers; Answers that should make a good girl run screaming for her daddy. I’m intrigued by this new version of him, and yes, I want to do very naughty things to him. One minute, I’m delving into his secrets, and the next, I’m falling for him. And it seems I’ve also tumbled right into his world, because suddenly there’s a target on my back. Right now, Alex is the only daddy I want to run to, especially now that I’m carrying his child.

Two attractive people stuck together during a blizzard, what could go wrong…or right? Alpha men, enemies-to-lovers, and strong-willed women grace the pages of this collection of forced proximity romances centered around snow and winter. It could be a canceled flight and one hotel room, a lonely cabin before other guests can arrive, that ex she swore never to get back with… Nine authors have come together to bring you a scintillating collection of romance tales you won’t be able to put down this December. Find your next book boyfriend among the pages of this anthology with stories perfect for fans of Sadie Kincaid, L. Steele, and Kali Hart.

I’m a Matchmaker who’s never been matched. He’s a famous rockstar and my brother’s best friend. He’s sexy. He’s Sweet. And he’s completely off-limits. As the premier matchmaker in New York City, people think I have it all. I have… A stalker in the park. An obsessive tech mogul that won’t stop pursuing me. And an unrelenting crush on my brother’s best friend. I’ve loved Ethan Knight since I was a teenager, but he’s always treated me like a little sister. After ten years apart, I should be over him. That’s not the case when I see him at my brother’s engagement party. This time, he isn’t looking at me like we’re related. I’ve never made it past a first date since no one’s measured up to his perfection… At least not until now. Xavier Caldwell captures my heart with his Southern charm and strikingly handsome features. And it feels like I’ve known him forever. He’s my first failure as a matchmaker and has his eyes set on me. After agreeing to one date and wondering where it might lead, I think he might be the answer to all my problems and my perfect match. When my world implodes and danger lurks around every corner, I discover that the man I’m falling for isn’t who he claims to be. He’s more. Much more. But will he be my hero? Or my downfall? 

Loving my billionaire boss should have been easy. But I had other things on my mind and having his baby wasn’t part of the plan. My life is a roller coaster as I struggle to raise my kid sister, pay our mounting bills, and deal with having our father in jail for murder. The last thing I need is to fall in love with a man old enough to be my dad. But there’s no denying the heat of his touch and when his eyes rake down my body, I realize he knows just who he wants to claim as his own. Having lost his wife, this chiseled charismatic man plays the field, his trust shattered. So settling down isn’t even in his playbook – yet. But when his hidden world and my own cravings collide, his vulnerability and raw sexuality consume me. His strong arms, soft mouth, rigid abs, and rock-hard manhood leave me wet and panting. As the heat between us reaches a fever pitch, a surprising twist throws everything into chaos. Two. Little. Pink. Lines.

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