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Never mess around with your daughter’s best friend. This is a given. But that didn’t stop me from claiming that brunette kitten for myself. I knew I was screwed when the HR manager at my casino hired her to be my assistant. I kept my distance by being an absolute prick. But her skirts kept getting shorter, and she filled them out so nicely. A guy can only take so much. But I never should have confessed my attraction to her. Because when she told me she felt the same way, she unleashed a beast. I devoured that young beauty like she was a piece of fresh meat. And when the local mafia threatened her to push their way into my casino, I saw red. Nobody messes with what’s mine. I thought I was screwed before. Now I have to tell my daughter that she’s going to be a big sister.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… So how is the grump I hooked up with there now my neighbor and my fake boyfriend? Just as I’m picking myself up from a nasty breakup—I literally run into him. Myles’s rock-hard body slams into me, knocking me senseless. Seeing him later at the hotel bar, I feel compelled to apologize. The apology leads us straight up to his room for one of the hottest—and most infuriating—nights of my life. The odds he’d be moving in next door to me in Long Beach weeks later are nil. Yet here he is, along with his adorable daughter. He’s telling me he’s a detective and needs me to pose as his fake girlfriend to gain access to the law firm I work at. Quickly, the fervid heat between us melts the line between fake and real. But I had no idea of the danger involved in this agreement, And I’d never have imagined who’s behind it all. Now I’m locked in a basement, finding out in the worst way possible. I need to get to Myles to warn him… if I can find a way to escape.

Loving my billionaire boss should have been easy. But I had other things on my mind and having his baby wasn’t part of the plan. My life is a roller coaster as I struggle to raise my kid sister, pay our mounting bills, and deal with having our father in jail for murder. The last thing I need is to fall in love with a man old enough to be my dad. But there’s no denying the heat of his touch and when his eyes rake down my body, I realize he knows just who he wants to claim as his own. Having lost his wife, this chiseled charismatic man plays the field, his trust shattered. So settling down isn’t even in his playbook – yet. But when his hidden world and my own cravings collide, his vulnerability and raw sexuality consume me. His strong arms, soft mouth, rigid abs, and rock-hard manhood leave me wet and panting. As the heat between us reaches a fever pitch, a surprising twist throws everything into chaos. Two. Little. Pink. Lines.

Never date a player. Football god Callahan O’Reilly can keep his blazing blue eyes to himself. I have a scholarship to maintain, and I do not have time to babysit a jock through a make-or-break class project. Even if one smoldering glance from him sets my panties on fire. Time to change her mind. Jamaica Winslow opens her mouth and spews sass like a volcano. One look at her uptight package and I want to coax the genie from the bottle, unleash all the passion she hides beneath a mop of unruly curls and a smart-ass attitude. She’s not my type, she doesn’t know one damn thing about the game that rules my life, and I can’t stop thinking about her. Who said anything about love? Jamaica does her best to keep me at arm’s length, but I’m not a pro prospect because I let the plays come to me. With the game on the line, I always want the ball. When an alum with deep pockets and delusions of grandeur makes demands that threaten my NFL chances and Jamaica’s scholarship, I have no choice but to man up and do the right thing no matter the cost. It started as fun and games. Now I’m playing for her heart—and my own. Game Time.

Trouble is brewing. Disaster strikes. Can they conjure a mistletoe miracle? The Colorado Blizzard hockey club needs some time off. So a weekend getaway for seven teammates and their significant others to celebrate a wedding sounds like the perfect opportunity for some Yuletide intimacy. But the holiday revels are hard to come by with tension brewing between each couple. With the men heading out to work off their steam in a snowmobile adventure, the women lounge at the spa to soak away frustrations with a well-deserved glass of bubbly. But when the boys don’t return on time, the worried girlfriends, fiancées, and wives fear more than a few hearts could be broken. Can they conjure up a Christmas miracle on ice to restore everyone’s Rocky Mountain high?

Grab a Christmas quickie with this instalove holiday collection. This Christmas a muscular firefighter is going to burst through your door wearing nothing but a flimsy towel, a hot tattooed biker is going to split his pants in front of you while playing Santa and an older single dad will give you more than a midnight kiss on Christmas Eve! Cozy up with these three sweet and steamy novellas in one holiday boxset. Fudge & The Firefighter: A hot firefighter and a curvy girl in a forced proximity holiday romance. Her Midnight Mischief: An older single dad gives this college student more than a midnight kiss in this New Year’s Eve off-limits, age gap, holiday romance. His Curvy Christmas Treat: A missing Santa throws together a photographer and the hot biker who falls first and falls hard, in this steamy instalove holiday romance. Three books, three swoon worthy heroes and the curvy girls who they claim for Christmas.

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