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A Perilous Dance. Fiery Passion. Unbreakable Bond. Curtis Bisset is a rock legend in the making as lead guitarist for Canis Major and has the lavish lifestyle to go with it—money, women, and perfect hair. Still, he searches for more. When he witnesses a chilling crime and is forced into shadows, he unwittingly finds what has been missing in his world. Lina Cheung left a promising career in the Army’s Intelligence Unit and took a cushy job of running security details for a bunch of rowdy rock stars. One left her with an astonishing thirst she never dared to quench. Two years have passed since and now she finds herself back in Curtis Bisset’s magnetic presence, and some other woman is after him—for his head. Thrust into a mission to protect Curtis from a crazed Mob boss, Lina must dig deep to keep her emotions under control. As they flee the bustling streets of New York and bounce around the world, staying ahead from the deadly pursuit, Curtis is thrilled to have Lina by his side again. He wasted years thinking he wasn’t good enough for her, but this time he makes it his mission to win her heart. Caught between duty and desire, can Lina keep Curtis safe while ensuring her burgeoning desire doesn’t compromise her mission? Can Curtis finally break through Lina’s wall and show her he is the man for her?

Quinn Carter isn’t looking back. After falling for the wrong guy and getting burned, she’s planning to stay far away from trouble. She worked hard to leave her reputation behind. Now in college and starting fresh, she’s not going to let any ‘bad boy’ ruin things again. Especially not the one she always dreamed about. Ransom Ward knew Quinn was off limits in high school, but they weren’t there anymore. He had a dream to build something better for himself and his crew, so he turned his sights on the fast-paced world of car racing. Now an expert at building and racing cars, he’s worked hard, but the girl that was out of reach is back and threatening to take it all away. Quinn thought she could resist, but sparks fly as Ransom threatens to unravel her carefully laid plans. Can she keep her defenses up to resist temptation?

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they like to be touched. How much power does a simple touch possess? When Hannah Hayes put in her bid at the charity auction little did she know she’d impulsively won an auction for one unforgettable night, or that being touched could be so transformative. Ptero and Jackal understand the incredible power of physical contact. They understand its ability to awaken desires never experienced before. Will Hannah be ready to accept this challenge, or will she discover that the power of touching can be too much to handle?

He’s my best friend’s brother. A tattooed bartender. So not my Mr. Right. I’m the girl who has six planners, a to-do list a mile long, and a master life plan so thick, I had to buy a binder for it. Parker Manning is my opposite—and now I’m supposed to find him a match. He’s tall, built, and gorgeous. He was America’s favorite men’s tennis pro a few years back, and he still pops up in magazines… eight-pack abs and all. Women drool over Parker. I’ve seen it happen. Repeatedly. Should be easy to find him a wife, right? Wrong. Now I’m stuck in this log cabin with him, pestering him for answers he won’t give. Like… Why does he keep cat treats in his pocket, if he doesn’t even own a cat? It doesn’t help that I keep thinking about that time ten years ago when we kissed… I’m a professional matchmaker and I will complete my assignment. Playing tennis with Parker under the stars isn’t part of my plan. Also not in my plan? Gazing into his eyes. Flirting over coffee. Cuddling on the couch. But sometimes, even the best-laid plans turn sideways. Or… upside down completely.

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