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When magic and love collide, can three wishes make their dreams come true? Julian DiConti resents his miraculous abilities. Bound to a djinn bottle for the last 600 years, the wish granter has seen countless people pass up the opportunity to truly do some good. And with little hope of ever being freed for a normal life, he’s stunned when he meets a gorgeous, empathic woman who ignites a long-lost feeling within. Alessandra Taylor is desperate to see a better world. Born into a cold family, the kind spirit focuses her energy on volunteer work with hospice care and the women’s shelter. But when the mysterious, handsome man from the hospital disappears right before their date, she’s shocked when he emerges from a perfume bottle promising a trio of life-changing wishes. As Julian falls for the beautiful breath of fresh air, he’s certain their relationship will never flourish while he’s trapped in his supernatural status. And as Alessandra struggles to discover the key to unlocking the alluring man’s spellbinding prison, unforeseen tragedies keep eating up her precious wishes. Can they pull the stopper permanently and step into the happily ever after they deserve? 

The minute I saw Alexa in the café, all those feelings came rushing back. She’s smart, sassy, and more beautiful than I remember. With a twist of fate, now I’m her boss. The witty paralegal might be the best single hire I make. But this isn’t just another legal battle. As we tackle the case of a lifetime, we’re not just fighting for justice in the courtroom; we’re battling our own attraction. The sparks are flying, not just in the office, but in my heart. I can’t ignore the chemistry that simmers between us. Yet, it gets complicated faster than a deposition. Tensions rise, misunderstanding ensues, and to make matters worse, another paralegal has her sights on me. I never thought I’d have a shot at love with Alexa. I need to convince her that our love is a case worth fighting for. The courtroom may have rules, but the heart? That’s a territory of its own.

Love ignites as three guarded loners come face to face with three smart and sassy damsels in distress. Falling For My Forsaken Boss: I never expected a second chance with Lucas, the brooding forest ranger I once adored. He’s a single dad now and still closed off and serious. But his affection for his daughter lights him up from within. He needs a nanny, and I need a job. But I don’t know if either of us is ready to put our hearts on the line again. Falling For My Bashful Boss: Ethan’s my new boss, a bashful doctor grieving the loss of his father and a broken engagement. I fled to Willow Creek to escape my charming but thieving ex and start a new life. Love’s the last thing on my mind, and it’s certainly not on Ethan’s radar. As we weather a storm together, our friendship blossoms amidst the snowflakes. But just when we start to believe that love might be possible, my past comes back to haunt me. Falling For My Damaged Boss: Trey’s a heartsick cowboy and my brother’s best friend. I’m a city girl visiting my little brother in the middle of nowhere. A fierce storm rips through, wreaking havoc on his house. To help my brother rebuild, I work for Trey on his ranch. As things start to look brighter, another tragedy strikes, driving Trey further into his shell. Now I’m afraid I’ve lost him before we have a chance at love. 

My job is battling blazes, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the firestorm she brought into my life. I rescued her from an inferno only to be burned by her fiery kiss. That electrifying kiss that rocked my world and fueled a storm of media frenzy. I couldn’t even go to the store and the headlines were awful. I had to get my life back even if it meant stalking her all the way up a mountain to a secluded cabin.

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