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Clara: I love my life—as a food and travel blogger I make my own hours, work all over the world, and don’t have a single regret. The cherry on top is flying home to New York City to celebrate the holidays with my family—and Nash. He’s my best friend with benefits and was just named the sexiest billionaire bachelor of the year. He’s all mine—for now. But someday, Nash is going to break my heart. Nash: Clara can have her cake—whether its pavlova, mochi, or tres leches—and eat it too. I have twenty-four hours to convince her that she can have everything she wants right here in the city—including me.

Only one of them is a perfectionist. Heavenly match…or disaster in motion? Kinsley lives her life by checklist and straight forward rules. She needs to. Otherwise she won’t be able to plan homecoming, help her best friend get a college scholarship and ensure every senior has the best year possible. But there’s a little wiggle room for a hot hook up, as long as no feelings are involved. Davin has a troubled past. The talent artist wants to keep his head low and survive the school year. He has a masterpiece to finish and his anxiety to manage. When they’re assigned as writing partners, neither can deny their attraction for the other. But the High School Princess wants to keep their steamy relationship a secret and Davin assumes it’s because she doesn’t want to tarnish her perfect image. Will they break their rules for a chance to fall in love?

This first in the series features the head coach and his wife kicking off this season’s extracurricular activities for the coaching staff by swinging their way through the rooms. Eric and Gloria take center stage, but who will be the first to join them in their fun game of introductions? Will all the coaches be jumping at the opportunities that are laid out before them, literally, or will some be too shy to partake in the festivities?

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