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A December Tryst: The Viscount Carrington exacts a scandalous price from the woman who insulted him. For him to consider approving marriage between his ward and her son, she must agree to surrender herself to him for three nights of passion.

Tempting A Marquess For Christmas: The Marquess of Alastair has doubled the dowry he is providing Miss Abbott because the sooner she is married, the sooner she is out of his care — and his fantasies. To Mildred Abbott’s dismay, her dowry is now attracting numerous unwanted suitors, and she has no interest in marrying. What she wants is an encore of her night at the Château Follet, where Alastair once fulfilled her most decadent desires.

A Roguish Christmas Wish: In this steamy second chance romance, a husband betrayed ventures into the bordello where his estranged wife has been reduced to work. But will his intentions to satiate his burning desires backfire and ruin Christmas?

The Marquess of Alastair is trying to be a gentleman for a change, but this Regency miss won’t take ‘no’ for an answer! Mildred Abbott is a proper Regency miss, but she cannot deny the dark desires that torment her body in the quiet of night. Engaged to an uninspiring sycophant, she asks the influential nephew of her patroness in debauchery to interfere and break her engagement. When her appeals to him fail, she decides to take a singular opportunity—a visit to the Château Debauchery—to indulge her most wanton cravings before she submits herself to a life of wedded dullness. The Marquess of Alastair concerns himself with no one, but to appease his aunt on her birthday, he agrees to select one person whose interests he will look after. It was not his intention to choose the plain and simple Miss Abbott, but when she unexpectedly shows up at the Château Debauchery, his hand is forced. Knowing his aunt to be partial to the miss, he grudgingly decides to act the part of a gentleman and preserve Miss Abbott’s honor by removing her from the Château. But Mildred refuses to go until she has had her night of wicked debauchery.

An elevator ride with my billionaire boss shouldn’t change my life…But it did. San Francisco is just the fresh start I needed. New place. New job. New me. Things were looking up,until the coffee spill on the stranger in the elevator turned out to be my boss. “Out of sight, out of mind” I tell myself to keep a job. But one look into his crystal clear blue eyes I’m hooked. I should never fall for this grump. He’s my boss after all. And the secret he holds close to his heart means it can never work. The thought of his kisses says it can… But maybe love does conquer all… even if you have to bend a couple of rules along the way.

Lucas Sutton. World Series baseball champion. Player…And the one who broke my heart as a teenager. My daughter, Lucy, and I go to the beach cleanup every year before the famous pony races. I had no idea that this year…he would be here. Our first encounter in twenty years and everyone around us could feel the tension. I want to hate him…I do hate him. But I also want to finish what we started. We’ll be stuck together all day cleaning this beach, maybe he’ll explain what happened. Maybe we’ll be able to forgive and forget. Maybe we can find love…in extra innings.

We’re supposed to be faking it but I’m falling hard for my brother’s hot best friend who’s twice my age. Josh is arrogant, filthy rich and has a ton of pride. He’s not the type to ask anyone for a favor. But he has a crazy ex who will stop at nothing to take his son away. So when he begs me to be his fake fiancé to help win the custody battle, I say yes. Then a simple week away ended up with us tangled up in the sheets. The harder we try to fake it, the harder it is to resist each other. Lines have been crossed and neither of us know what’s fake or real anymore. The only thing I do know is that his ex will do anything to keep us apart. Now my heart is on the line. And playing Josh’s fiancé is not a game anymore.

Once upon a time, I was nothing more than a bad boy seeking all the tail I could get… Something happened to change all that. Suddenly, chasing women turned into chasing the dream of becoming a doctor. Hard work and determination had me meeting my dream a hell of a lot sooner than most. And with the title of doctor came ready and willing women, set on landing themselves a wealthy physician. Little did they know that I would readily give them some hot, steamy memories to keep, but my heart belonged to someone else. Someone I didn’t want to share with anyone. But then she came along, claiming what had always been only mine. And maybe she would claim my heart as well…

“Watch the LOVE DIVA get fired by her boss AND boyfriend!” There goes my credibility! How can I give advice when my relationship just failed spectacularly in a viral video? I swore never to take that job offer from my brother’s best friend. That arrogant, grumpy, know-it-all! But when he’s the only one willing to give me a second chance, I’m out of options. Turns out, working for the grump I loath may be the best decision I ever made. Only one problem. There’s an undeniable attraction growing between us. My heart flutters when he’s around, and my relationship advice goes out the window. I can’t fall for the boss again! Now I have to make the hardest decision of my life. Choose the man I’ve grown to love? Or the career that once defined me? Choice made, I hope this time, it’s the right one.

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