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Kaile has never believed in fairy tales. But when this wolf-shifter is locked away in a magical tower, his only hope of rescue comes from a mythical White Dragon. Kaile woke up alone, locked in tower room, with no memory of how he got there. Just a bone-deep certainty that the fate of his pack, and the world, depended on remembering what happened. And the only person who can help him is the woman an oracle warned to stay away from. White Dragons have always been hunted for the unique magic carried in their blood and dragon shifter Helena has guarded the truth of her snow-white drake form her whole life. But she doesn’t hesitate to reveal her secret in order to rescue Kaile from his lofty prison. Freeing Kaile is just the beginning, however. The search for his memory leads them to a confrontation with a cabal intent on controlling the world’s magic. Facing a deadly enemy, Kaile is determined to protect Helena at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing himself. Helena, however, is more than capable of taking care herself. And Kaile is just going to have learn to accept her help. Whether he likes it or not.

I was sent to Earth to save humanity, not fall in love with my enemy. A powerful demon is wreaking havoc on Earth. And I’m an angel, duty-bound to protect humans. But as soon as I landed, I had to save a man from a witch intent on ending his life. Witches are my sworn enemies. But this one… she’s sexy, bewitching, and infuriating all at the same time. An unforeseen complication. No witch should have the power to bring an Angel to his knees. But she does. She’s got powerful magic but I feel the need to protect her. She must be casting a spell on me because I can’t stay away from her. I want to fly her away and have my way with her… OR kill her. But fate has something else in mind for us. We have to overcome our differences and ignore our mounting passion to bring down this demon. If we don’t, it could mean the end of our love and humanity itself.

Pari: My entire life, I’ve been surrounded by love. My ever-in-love parents set the benchmark for me, and I wasn’t interested in settling for anything less. At almost twenty-one, I assumed perfect men existed only in my romance books. Until I met him, my dad’s best friend’s son, Zain. With his scorching kisses and possessive growls, I fell for him instantly. But when he said all he could give me was one date, I wondered if I could trust him with my heart. Zain: As the adopted son of a billionaire, my formative years were far from perfect. Tormented by my childhood demons, love and commitment weren’t easy for me. But that was before I laid my eyes on the tiny, curvy brunette with her cute nose perpetually stuck between the pages of her romance books. Nothing prepared me for Pari’s sweet smile, large heart, drugging kisses, or her endless curves. I wanted to claim Pari as my own. There was one problem—would my darkness corrupt her innocent soul?

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