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I messed up. I slept with my smart-mouthed employee, and now she’s carrying my child. For ten years, I’ve perfected the art of avoiding trouble. Which is exactly what Bonnie is, with her tight leather clothes, unruly curls, and that sassy mouth that’s just begging to be taken. I’m intrigued by her fierce independence and brilliant mind, But it is the shadows in her eyes that have me spellbound. One taste was all it took, and now I’m hooked on to her. She can’t stand me, too, yet she can’t stop coming back for more. So I break all my rules and show her the man beneath the mask. And when Bonnie is forced to confront her past, she suddenly disappears with a secret. My secret. Going after her means I’ll have to plunge into hell but it’s also the only chance to make us a family. Like I said, she’s trouble. Only now, nothing has ever tasted so good.

Bridgett Rawlings is known in her small town of Prairie Rose, Iowa as The Bad Luck Widow. She just lost her father. Before that it was her second husband, and before that, her first. Every man Bridgett has ever loved has been killed on her family farm, but it is all she owns and the basis of her livelihood. It seems there is no escaping the curse laid upon her. So, when Shawn Barclay, the son of an old friend of her father’s, shows up to help on the farm, Bridgett tries to deter him. She explains the curse and how the town has shunned her. She tells him to go back to Arkansas, where he came from. But Shawn doesn’t believe in curses. When he looks at Bridgett, he sees a kind and thoughtful woman forced to endure incredible grief alone in a community that should be showering her with support. The least he can do is stay on the farm to help her. As they work alongside one another, Shawn begins to see Bridgett in a different light, as a woman of incredible strength with more capacity for love than anyone he has ever met, a woman he is falling in love with. Bridgett is falling for him too, but what if the locals are right? What if she is bad luck? She is not willing to risk Shawn’s life to prove them right. But will she be giving up a heartland of joy by not daring to prove them wrong?

Being half-human in a werewolf pack is lonely. Until my one night stand with the Alpha King. Sebastian. He’s the jerk that has relentlessly teased me my whole life. My step-brother’s best friend and my tormentor. He considers me weak and unworthy. I consider him an arrogant prick. But our bodies speak a language that I can’t deny. I am fated to this man. He is cursed and his survival may depend on me. What’s a girl to do?

Ella Forster has a crush on her grumpy neighbor, Henry Mitchell. Henry is a lawyer from San Francisco. He moves to Maplewood, the hometown of his late wife Christi, with his daughter Lily. Henry’s not a guy for small talk, and he’s like a bear guarding its cub. Ella is the town’s sweetheart. Warm, kind, and basically a walking ball of sunshine. She’s also Lily’s math teacher, and they hit it off right from the start. Ella’s got a past, though. She’s got love scars from her ex, Alex, who happens to be Henry’s ex-best friend. Ella and Henry are tiptoeing around each other, they discover that they were both played by Alex. Will Henry continue being the gruff, or is there a chance at love with Ella? Maplewood is the place to be for love, drama, and maybe a second chance at happily ever after.

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