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She didn’t steal. She simply took what was rightfully hers—including his heart. Charles, Duke of Hasterton, admired and respected for his cunning business acumen both at home and abroad has an astounding secret. He is imaginary. But his brilliant twin sister Cecilia is quite real. She was born in Germany after her father died and taught to guard the title, wealth, and power like the rare stolen treasure that it is. After all, as a daughter, she could never inherit the dukedom legally. Cecilia and her mother cultivate the ruse of the fictional duke quite nicely. Everybody who is anybody in London believes His Grace resides with them at their stunning residence in Germany. Their acquaintances in Germany believe the pretend peer is always in London or traveling the world over. But when Cecilia’s mother falls victim to a grave illness and begs to visit her beloved London one last time, even though it’s risky, Cecilia can’t refuse her. But her mother can’t travel alone, and Cecilia refuses to entertain superficial men pining for nothing more than her dowry. So, she poses as her mother’s companion to ensure their elaborate farce remains safe. While everyone is told (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Brick: All I need is a fake date for my best friend’s wedding. It’s a simple plan. Until the one woman I want more than just a fake relationship with agrees to be my fake date. Leah: He’s all I’ve ever wanted, so imagine my excitement when he asks me to be his date for his friend’s wedding. Until I realized he wanted me to be a fake date and not a real date.

Mira: I lost my husband and daughter just days after I got elected to Congress. Every night, the grief turns into panic. Every morning, I get up and go to work as a U.S. Representative to Congress. Today, I inexplicably accepted a dinner invitation from a tall, handsome Kennedy-type, even after his disastrous appeal for corporate tax support went south. He makes me feel some kind of way, but I’m scared. Will he be the one to bring me back to life after two years of darkness? Chris: I invest hundreds of millions of dollars into new businesses every year. I have made billions by coaxing the best new ideas to the market. But I’m tired of the frat-boy life. I want to make a real difference. When Congresswoman Mira Thompson eats me and my partner for lunch during our meeting, I think I see something in her. Her ideas seduce me. And to be honest, so does she. But can she let go of what she lost? I want her. All of her. I won’t be happy with anything less.

Arabella and Gaige are total opposites. She’s super girly. He’s all man. She makes decadent desserts for a living.  He hunts down information on bad guys. But from the moment they met, their chemistry was undeniable.

I’ve got three things to be thankful for this season. Noah, Leo & Ethan. The lights went out and my heroes walked in. It would take a miracle to save my shop. Good thing I’ve got three. One thing the three brothers have in common—I can’t get them off my mind. A crush on one guy is fine, but all three? Noah kissed me at lunch. Leo makes me crazy. Ethan took me out for champagne. They say they’re not jealous, that this could work. It seems scandalous, and too delicious to refuse. Noah’s got a stalker. His ex won’t leave him alone. What she doesn’t know is this, The Foster men are mine, and I don’t give up without a fight.

She was bound by a time-jumping prophesy. He was ready to lay down his life in order to protect her. When a gorgeous Scot showed up at Brielle’s doorstep looking for her brother, she almost lost her cool. What had Charlie gotten himself into this time?Was it as crazy as ςηεν he was nearly killed by a criminal organization? Or when he married a famous American pop star for one night? But then she discovered that this Scotsman was actually from the Highlands and could travel through time. With his assistance, she realized that her brother wasn’t tied to that mystical, time traveling prophecy. It was her! Soon, she joined him on a journey through time and love. A journey from which she would never return the same. This was Brielle’s destiny, and she was powerless to resist it. And Angus was determined to protect her with his very life if need be.

Glitz, glamor, and my dad’s legendary name—Hollywood’s my playground. Cue Carter Knight, the delivery guy turned movie star, with a surprise cameo. He’s Hollywood’s new leading man, and I’m the behind-the-scenes expert. Now, we’re sharing the spotlight. My life’s a script, but Carter’s the plot twist I never saw coming. An age gap that screams scandal, and we’re tangled in it. Enemies to lovers, right on a movie set, talk about cliché. I am the director’s assistant; he’s my leading man in this real-life drama. The chemistry’s electric & Oscar worthy, but Hollywood’s all smoke and mirrors. And then there’s the secret pregnancy, the ultimate twist. Can we write our own love story despite the drama? Carter’s got the spotlight, and I’ve got a past that’s like a sequel.

Maverick Crawford knew that Molly Mackenzie was off limits. She was too young for him…and a Silver Saints MC princess. Her protective father was their president, so starting anything with Molly would cause trouble between their clubs. But that didn’t stop Maverick from taking her straight out of their tattoo parlor and claiming her for himself. Only someone wanted the feisty redhead to belong to them instead.

She’s off limits and half his age, but this ex-military biker is a protector hero who won’t give up the woman who captures his heart. Isabella Berone has haunted my dreams since I watched her strut into the White Out nightclub two years ago. She was too young then, the mafia princess with something to prove. But I watched, and I waited. When Isabella needs me, I’m there for her. I’ll protect her with my life. Because despite the age gap, despite her being off limits, I’ve fallen for the wild mafia princess. When her father comes for her, I’ll be ready. I swore to fight for my country once, and now I’ll fight for Isabella, no matter the cost.

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