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One brother’s best friend + one hotel room = two blue lines. If “sexy” had a mascot, my brother’s best friend would be it. Deep hazel eyes and a diamond cutting jawline. He offers me the business deal of a lifetime, If I play a convincing date for his ex’s destination wedding. But pretending we’re smitten is easier said than done. His devilish smirk and cocky attitude work me up, Until I can’t decide if I want to punch him or kiss him. Now sharing one room in paradise has me questioning everything. He’s more than off-limits, but my heart, and his hands, have a mind of their own. His fingers grazing my skin sends my body humming, his mouth has me throbbing in brand new places, and we’re waking up tangled together, again. At least on the island, our passion is mutual. I don’t know if he’ll want “us” in real life. What I do know is he’ll be my brother’s ex-best friend. Because I’m pregnant.

Good cuckolds deserve a treat, don’t you agree? Sometimes it isn’t enough for a husband just to watch. Sometimes they need to help cleanup afterwards too. If you know what I mean. 😉 Inside this bundle are eight more stories of thirsty cuckolds doing whatever they can to make their wives happy! These cuckolds will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone has the best experience they can. These stories are guaranteed to entertain and titillate you. They’ll lead you to dream of hot situations you never imagined but may one day want to experience! Contains: Cuckolding, sexy adventures, and hard-core silliness.

Call it an allergy or a family curse, either way it boiled down to the same problem: Julietta Romero couldn’t go within six feet of mistletoe. Forty-eight weeks, from January to the beginning of December, were spent filling the position as a top executive at a prestigious marketing firm—a five-year running record without a single incident. As long as she continued taking all her vacation hours all at the same time, nothing would change. Then, the worst scenario happened: with only a handful of days left before her flight, she found herself working round the clock on the firm’s biggest deal yet, and her boss wasn’t letting her leave until it was signed, sealed, and delivered. Luke Winslow was in love with women, parties, and the holidays, and not necessarily in that order. Taking over one of his father’s companies didn’t fit into any of his plans, nor did a relationship that lasted longer than a roll in the sheets. There wasn’t a single person who had made him want to settle down and be serious, that was until she fell into his arms… several times. Now, he’ll do anything possible to stop her from escaping his charms, including holding off putting his John Hancock on the business deal his father instructed him to close. It’s up to the magic of the season to bring this unlikely couple together with a little help from a pair of High Heels and Mistletoe. 

On paper, they look like the perfect match. A handsome protective doctor, a curvy and sassy pastry shop manager. But… The path to love in the biggest small town in Idaho is never boring, filled with plenty of interfering friends, plus family members with opinions. So many opinions. In the latest novella in the Tangling series, Kiersten Stafford finally gets her shot at happily ever after in this steamy romance. The fact that it’s with the off-limits, Dr. Jackson Monroe, aka Dr. McSteamy, is something she’s trying to accept. Their one night together produces two of the biggest surprises of her life…first, one night wasn’t enough and the second fulfills a wish she thought she’d have to go through alone. But why’d it have to be him? Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humor and oh, those piercing grey-blue eyes, and expert hands that know just where to…oh my…curl-my-toes-scorching-hot…I may need his brand of daily resuscitation that leaves me asking myself…Why not him? Welcome to Pineville, Idaho where love always finds a way.

Taking a bullet to the leg led to me being taken by 3 Bad Boy Bikers. Dr Landers has worked his magic healing my wounds and sets my blood on fire with his skillful touch. Brock likes to bully me around but this mountain of a man is teaching me how to fight And how to submit. And Greg is my father’s best friend, and much older. Always telling me what to do. But his massive arms and chiseled jaw have me saying ‘Yes, daddy” to his every command. The Twisted Reapers are hiding me away from the Devil Hordes MC, the rivals who shot me. I was left for dead because I didn’t want to be part of a more sinister plan. Now is the time to plot my revenge… There is only one way to end the Devil Hordes MC reign of darkness: I have to let my 3 Alpha bikers claim me as their own…

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