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A reformed cowboy has a secret crush on the minister’s daughter, though he’s pretty sure his chances of dating her are slim to none after an unexpected visitor drops off a son he didn’t know he had. Learning how to juggle his new responsibilities as a single dad is hard enough, but it becomes a lot harder after the woman of his dreams: – Recruits his kid into a holiday play. – Then arm-twists him into helping her build the stage backdrop. – And turns out to be really, really great working with children. New plan: Focus on hiding just how badly he’s falling for the one woman in town he’s definitely NOT good enough for!

He gathered the last of his strength and walked out. But now his life is on the line… Renowned physicist Damon Devereaux’s marriage has become a prison sentence, and he’s doing hard time. In fear for his life, Damon moves away and files for divorce. To the surprise of his family, he purchases a dilapidated, turn-of-the-century farmhouse that is as badly in need of tender loving care as his shattered soul. High school student Lilianna Annesley struggles to survive an upbringing with reprobate parents. Nothing she does ever pleases her family, and plagued with anxiety, her self-worth has eroded to almost nothing. Damon and Lilianna meet and strike up an innocent friendship. But despite the mutually beneficial outcome, those surrounding the two grow critical of the attachment. As their rapport continues to blossom, the forces against them grow malicious, and Damon and Lilianna must come to grips with the evil around them and learn to live their best lives.

Luck never seems to be on Lia’s side! Thanksgiving is coming up, but she isn’t feeling too thankful. After a disastrous break-up, her apartment being condemned, and her work literally disappearing, she is at her wit’s end. The only thing she can do is move on—from Maine to Texas, where her sister lives. The problem is getting there… It just so happens that an ex-client, Susie, and her son are travelling in the same direction—a rare stroke of luck! Inviting Lia to tag along, Suzie introduces her son, Declan, a gloriously tall, handsome, successful man. With the older woman stopping at every attraction along the way, Lia and Declan have plenty of time to get to know each other. Lia can’t help but feel attracted—he’s nice, smart, and kind. What’s not to like? Yet, Lia knows that luck will, again, be against her as their match is fated to end once they reach their destination. Why must she fall for someone now? As the end of their trip looms ever closer, Lia is left to wonder – Will their goodbye be forever?

Sometimes…especially when least expected…love is simply meant to be… Emma just wants the quiet and peace she needs to do her work. She believed her new home was perfect and exactly suited for what she needed…then soon found out it was far from perfect and not at all what she expected. Lucas Patterson took pride in his reputation for being calm under pressure and prepared for anything and everything that came his way. It had served him well during his years in law enforcement and continued to when he left the department to start his own security business. But he wasn’t prepared for Emma. And within only moments after meeting her…he knew that his life and all his current plans were about to change. It didn’t take him long to convince her that Spring Falls was the perfect place to live in contrast to her current home. Luckily, making historical dolls wasn’t Emma’s only small business venture. Her growing genealogical research enterprise and her love of history was exactly what his brother and new sister-in-law were looking for. The mystery involving both their families tugged on Emma’s soft heart. And before long…they were both on their way to Spring Falls. Emma fell in love with the small town and all its charming historical (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I thought my past was behind me, but when a fire nearly claims my life, my only hope for escape is with a firefighter whose haunted eyes promise more than safety. Lucas Heart is the man I owe my life to. After a suspicious fire leaves me nearly dead, he’s all I can think about. When he walks into my store and asks me out for a drink, it’s like a dream come true, and I can’t say no. The attraction between us is undeniable, but so is the pain we both carry. As our hearts entwine, I’m left wondering if this connection can lead to a love story as fiery and unpredictable as the flames that brought us together or if it’s destined to burn out as my past comes crashing back into my life.

Maverick Crawford knew that Molly Mackenzie was off limits. She was too young for him…and a Silver Saints MC princess. Her protective father was their president, so starting anything with Molly would cause trouble between their clubs. But that didn’t stop Maverick from taking her straight out of their tattoo parlor and claiming her for himself. Only someone wanted the feisty redhead to belong to them instead.

A runaway bride and the grumpy mountain man whose cabin she’s forced to spend the night in… Allie: I’ve spent my life pleasing my parents. But I can’t go through with the wedding they’ve planned for me. I run into the woods and straight into Hans, the hot ski instructor who’s nothing like the corporate prince my parents would have married me off to. We’ve met before. Two years ago he kissed me, and my world hasn’t been the same since. Too bad he doesn’t remember, because I’ve spent the last two years thinking of nothing else. Hans: Two years ago I kissed Allie, and my world shifted…until her mother forced us apart and made it clear I was no match for her daughter. When I see her again, she’s running through the snow in a flimsy wedding dress and no damn shoes. I should send her straight back to her family, but there’s a storm coming, and it’s too tempting to be snowed in with the runaway bride. But I won’t be Allie’s rebound. She broke my heart once, and I won’t be fooled twice.

She’s single. He’s single. They can be single—and steamy—together. Declan Finch has already proved his worth to the WEST Protection team. Now with the holidays here, he’s called to help with a big charity bash on the ranch. Watching over rich people should be a breeze, but suddenly he’s looking out for—and hooking up with—a quirky loner attending the couples’ event. Somehow the weather feels much warmer now that he’s cozying up to Belle… After an ugly breakup, Belle attends a charity weekend to raise money for the families of special needs kids. But once she spots her ex and his new fiancée, her relaxing getaway is about to be ruined… until she finds that saving a horse and riding a hot cowboy might be just the fix she’s been looking for. Amid enough heat between them to melt the Montana snow, Declan and Belle discover that dark activities are shadowing the party. With danger lurking around the corner, they fight to uncover the truth before WEST Protection is sabotaged. Working together brings a whole new level to Declan and Belle’s Christmas playtime, leaving them both wondering if this relationship isn’t so fake after all.

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