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A cold hearted alien… scorching hot chemistry… and a fated mate bond too strong to be denied! There’s nothing left in Raze. No love, no hate, nothing except the duty that he owes his people. But when he meets a fascinating and tough human woman on a barren planet something deep inside comes back to life and for the first time in years he yearns for more. When a mission for the Sol Intelligence Agency gets out of hand, Sierra will need to use every skill she has and work with a mysterious alien warrior who awakens an unquenchable desire within her. He’s cold and forbidding, but when he looks at her there’s a fire in his eyes that opens up a whole world of possibilities. The chemistry between Raze and Sierra is too hot to ignore, even if it should be impossible for a mate bond to form between them. But if Raze’s emotions fully return before he claims his denya, he might end up dead for good. There is no fighting destiny, especially for a doomed Detyen, and Raze already cheated fate once. To be with Sierra he’ll have to do it again, or neither of them will make it out alive. 

Step into The Sweet Pepper, where friendship is on the menu. A mischievous raccoon isn’t the only surprise in our cozy small town. When Ryan makes an unexpected return. Our friendship takes on an unfamiliar melody. And the way he’s looking at me? Let’s just say the kitchen isn’t the only thing on fire. With laughter filling the air, and lingering stares that could make even the raccoon blush. We’re dancing on the edge of uncertainty. Of course, I know better than to cross that line with my childhood best friend. But when my dad offers him a gig at our family restaurant, Ryan takes center stage, revealing a side of him I never quite knew. And as backstage talks and stormy nights leave us both questioning the unspoken. I’m left wondering if our friendship can withstand the storm.

A chance encounter brings Elizabeth Ferguson face to face with the man she despises. She never wanted to see the handsome Sicilian billionaire again. Years before, Ricardo DiMarco, took her innocence, used her, and tossed her out of his Fifth Avenue Penthouse and his life. Now, Liz must keep her secret from the man she once loved with all of her heart. Ricardo can never know that she kept the child he did not want. Hot blooded, Ricardo DiMarco, is the wealthy CEO of DiMarco Enterprises. He has it all, money, power, prestige-all but Liz that is. Ricardo never stopped lusting for the flame-haired beauty who left him to marry another man. When he discovers Liz working in a jewelry store and single-his thirst for revenge has no bounds. Ricardo plans a tantalizing revenge-to have Liz at his mercy for as long as he wants. Getting her fired and seducing her with his expert touch is only the beginning. He won’t let Liz slip through his fingers this time.

When Lisette Pelletier answers an ad to become a physician in the frontier town of Willow Wood, Idaho, she knows her life will change forever. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the U.S. Marshal whose life she saves on her way to town. Federal Marshal Grayson Dutton spent his career protecting pioneers, chasing down bandits, settling disputes before they erupted into gunfire, and returning fire when needed. None of it prepared him for dealing with a feisty lady doc who can’t see when she’s in over her head. When Grayson hears the gang of outlaws that attacked the stagecoach that brought Lisette to Willow Wood have targeted the lady doc, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her. Lisette doesn’t want to give the lawman the reins to her heart. She came west to serve the people of Willow Wood, not hide under her bed in fear at the first sign of danger. She certainly didn’t plan to fall for a long-legged lawman whose kisses make her dream of marriage, babies, and happily-ever-after, all the things that conflict with her call to medicine. Can she find a place in her life and her heart for love? Can Grayson tame the wild filly before she gets both of them killed? 

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