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I was all in when my boss assigned me to manage his brother’s tarnished reputation. Until I met him…now I’m screwed. Reese O’Conner makes me nervous as hell. He’s a gorgeous professional baseball player and a cocky jerk. But behind the arrogant front is a sensitive straight shooter. And he’s not guilty of the gambling scandal that’s rocked the sports world and left him shattered. As we spend every waking hour together sorting through the chaos, our attitudes collide. And so do our bodies. All it took was one night for me to get pregnant with his baby. If our secret gets out in the midst of everything else, there will be hell to pay.

He’s a gorgeous bad boy, and I want to believe this ex-marine is the billionaire hero he seems to be. Even if he doesn’t remember that sizzling night in LA, it still leaves me breathless. When I ran from LA in fear of my life, leaving him was the hardest part. Everything’s been hard these last three years on the run. And now, here he is in front of me. Brock Tanner. Right here, so close I can taste his sweet breath and imagine those full lips on mine. His body pressing against mine. My heart stops when I think about his little dimple, that scruffy beard, his muscled body, and his soft caress. He says he will keep me safe. But he could be just another liar trying to use me. I don’t know if I can trust my heart. I want to believe, stop running, and make love with him on the beach over and over, forever. But now they might be here, and there is more at stake than my music…it could mean my life.

If you love Enemies-To-Lovers, Silver Fox, Alpha Billionaire Romances with Sassy Smart Young Ladies, and Surprise Babies, grab this Silver Fox Daddy’s Box Set with four Standalone books. Happily-Ever-After Guaranteed!

Book 1 – Silver Fox Daddy’s Second Chance: I just found out I’m pregnant with my dad’s best friend’s baby. The day I find out who my biological dad is, I’m asked to move to New York, learn his business, and carry on his legacy. But before I can take the reins of his empire, he asks his best friend to mentor me first. Little did I know my mentor would be him… Adam Gates. A gorgeous, stubborn billionaire venture capitalist. Also my ex who broke my heart with his harsh words four years ago…

Book 2 – Silver Fox Daddy’s Baby Surprise: I had a one-night stand in Milan two years ago. I didn’t know the grumpy silver fox is my uncle’s best friend… Michael Durand. Gorgeous billionaire and a stubborn jerk. I never thought I’d see him again. But in a cruel twist of fate, I end up living with him while my clueless uncle is away on a business trip…
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I got pregnant from a one-night stand. I didn’t know he was an NFL star. He had my attention the moment he walked in the bar, drawing the eyes of every woman in the room. With a face chiseled by the divine, we locked eyes and knew exactly what we wanted. Our chemistry was dangerous, his touch intoxicating. By the end of the night, he dominated my mind, body and soul. We agreed, no strings attached. Two months later, I’m his new team doctor. I didn’t know he was the infamous Matt Donovan. Our encounters are a potent mix of desire and disdain. But beneath the animosity is an undeniable attraction. The more we bicker, the quicker he breaks thru my panty’s defenses. Neither of us sees this going to the end zone. But that’s when things get complicated… and I may have just fumbled. The nausea I’m feeling isn’t because I’m sick, it’s because I’m pregnant and he’s the daddy.

If only I weren’t her boss and trusted friend… War taught me there are things worth fighting for, and Natalie is one of them. I was drawn to her the day I hired her, and keeping my distance has been difficult. We’re total opposites, but after spending days working on this conservation project together, I can’t get enough of her. She’s a free-spirited nomad who fears being tied down, even by love. I’m damaged in so many ways. If she finds out my secrets, I will lose her forever. What I should do is walk away before her life is ruined. I can see my happily ever after in her eyes. But, do I deserve it?

Three Dangerously Hot Off-Limits Bad Boys in One Boxset!

My Desirable Cocky Rockstar: He’s the ultimate bad boy of rock, known for his rebellious spirit and captivating stage presence. I’ve always played by the rules. Until this sexy rockstar pulled me into the world of music, drama, and afternoon delights.

The Desirable Twin Brother: Hooking up with a hot firefighter feels so right, but I doubt his twin brother will agree. I’ve been best friends with the Harris brothers since childhood. Growing up in a small, judgemental town, we agreed to stick together and always have each other’s back. But after coming back to town for a much-needed vacation, I stumbled across an extremely hot Camden. The skinny kid I used to race over fences is long gone, replaced by a tattooed hunk with muscles in all the right places.

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